Vaitarna Lake Near Manor – Drinking Water Lake Near Mumbai Suburb

“Vaitarna lake is located near wada village at Manor location (Far North Western Suburb), 91 kms from Mumbai city. This lake is one of the sweet and pure drinking water source after tulsi lake..”

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Vaitarna Lake

Vaitarna Lake

About Vaitarna Lake Water and Location

Vaitarna lake is not actually in Mumbai, but it is a very important source of water for Mumbai suburb and far north locations like Virar and Vasai like the tulsi lake. It is located in Thane district location called ‘Wada Village’ quite near to Manor on western Express highway (Mumbai Ahmedabad Highway). It connects to vaitarna river that can be seen at small village and next station after Virar called ‘ Vaitarna Station’.


Tansa and Batsa are 2 nearest lakes near Vaitarna, The vaitarna dam project was recently made a huge success with the yet not clear amount between of 550 crores to 2000 crores undertaking this drinking water dam project divided into Upper, Lower and Middle Vaitarna Dam. This lake brought relief to villagers near including virar vasai zone which were struggling with less water supply, and is one of the major reasons of hike in property rates.

How to reach this Sweet Water Lake of Suburb

Nearest station being Virar, from where vaitarna river at manor wada location is approximately 40 kilometres. If you are coming from national highway take right from Manor towards wada (also pronounced as vada) village and its easy to reach this fresh water lake.

Another route being from the famous Ganeshpuri Vajreshwari road, full of greenery which connect Wada at 40 kms. See also : Hot Water Springs and Mahavir Dham Temple in same Vicinity.

Google Road Map of Vaitarna

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