Bhatsa Lake and Dam – Mumbai

“Bhatsa is an important lake near Mumbai, Located between Shahpur and Khardi on National Highway 3 (NH3), Exactly on opposite side of Highway where Bhatsa Village and Tansa lake is located. This Dam and water reservoir is about 96 kms from Mumbai and is one of the 6 major source of water used by citizens, irrigation and hydro electrical power projects in city..”

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Bhatsa Lake
Bhatsa Lake

Aerial Map Of Bhatsa

About Bhatsa Dam Reservoir

Bhatsa Dam is connected to two major rivers which are Bhatsa River and Corna River in Thane district at about 96 kilometers from Mumbai city. Its is at a distance of 17 kilometers from Tansa Lake located in a location on opposite side called Bhatsa.

Complete location near this lake is covered with greenery and jungle which is an ideal solitude location for a day out for leisure. The flowing stream with pin-drop silence and the humming of those birds near this fresh water river is an ideal hangout location. By road the up and down hilly roads are surrounded by green grass till long distance. Due to Bhatsa lake the climate is very fresh throughout the year.

Bhatsa lake (Dam) has water supply capacity as 142.07 (MTR, Full Supply Level) and 104.9 (MTR, Lowest Drawable Level).

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