How to Check MTNL Broadband Usage

“Ever wondered and checked your MTNL Broadband (Triband) monthly usage ? If not here is how MTNL’s broadband usage on SMS, a free service helps triband (Prepaid & postpaid) customers to make life easy, You can register your MTNL Trump and Dolphin mobiles online to avail usage details services on your fingertips ..”

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MTNL Mumbai
MTNL Mumbai

Broadband (Triband) Usage Check Steps

Simple 2 Steps to get all broadband details like your monthly upload / download usage. MTNL sms number for same is ‘58708

STEP 1 – Register your MTNL mobile (Trump or Dolphin) online at using your username and password and simple click a link to ‘update your mobile number’.

If you are a Triband user (Both Prepaid & Postpaid) who is currently using high speed broadband services by MTNL and have a ‘@a‘ suffix with username, You need to update your profile upon registering.

STEP 2 – Start sending SMS to get usage updates of your broadband account. Here is the how to of same.

SMS Usage For Triband users (with NO ‘@a’ suffix)

Lets take a small example demo to explain how to send an SMS to check usage , If your username is ‘77007700’.

  • Simply type  ‘BBUSAGE 77007700‘ and send it to  58708.

Triband users (with ‘@a’ suffix) : With same username just suffix ‘@’ at end of username number. Here is a how to for same.

  • Type  ‘BBUSAGE 77007700@a‘ and send it to  58708.

Please note that the MTNL username used for sms is just an example and not real. The broadband sms sending number may have change when you reading this details.

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