Auto Fares in Mumbai – Digital Auto Meters Tariff Charges in Mumbai

Auto Rickshaw fares are 100% digitized in Mumbai City including Western and Central suburban areas. So not to worry about calculating the exact fares like we used to do before. The updated information about auto fares are that just understand what are the starting / minimum cost as meter turns ON and what are the fares per kilometer next, That it. Below are the updated details of same detailing Auto tariff, Minimum fares and rates per subsequent kilometers traveled..”

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Auto Rickshaw in Mumbai

Auto Rickshaw in Mumbai

Since 3rd quarter of last year, i.e September and October 2012 state transport authorities have made it compulsory to digitize all Auto Meters and Tariff be calculated automatically, Their were events when new meters were found tempered, But as of sate no such cases are occurring as licenses and permits get cancelled upon heavy penalties of cheating customers like they were doing with wrong printed tariff previously. Lets have a looks at both Old and New rates and check what exactly one should look at while traveling in Mumbai Autos. Our Android based free auto fare calculator can be very handy while travel.

10 Pre-Calculated Charges For Digital Auto Meters

Meter Units Travel Distance (KM) Day Fares (Rs.) Night Fares (Rs.)
1.00 1.60 15.00 19.00
2.00 3.60 36.00 45.00
3.00 5.60 55.00 69.00
4.00 7.60 75.00 94.00
5.00 9.60 95.00 119.00
6.00 11.60 114.00 143.00
7.00 13.60 134.00 168.00
8.00 15.60 154.00 193.00
9.00 17.60 174.00 218.00
10.00 19.60 193.00 241.00
Note : Above are just 10 random sample units (Actual rates).

Other Fares and Travel Details

  • Night Time charges are higher then day, Time Starts at Mid-Night 00:00 till early hours 5:00 AM.
  • For any complaints related to Autos like refusals, tempered meters for gaining excess charges one can call up RTO department on toll free number 1800220110.
  • Luggage charges in Auto are Rs.6/-
  • Traffic police control Room can be reached at +91-22-24937746 / 47 / 55.
  • If you planned to take a cab (AC or Non AC) here are fares.
  • Want a more cheaper fare mean of travel option ? BEST bus fares are the best.
  • Also keep a note that Auto Don’t ply on Meter system in far north suburban location at Virar and Vasai. They charges fixed rate at destinations.

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