BEST Bus – Updates On Mumbai B.E.S.T Buses Routes Numbers

“B.E.S.T (Brihanmumbai Electric Supply & Transport), also called ‘Best Undertaking’ is one of the most important organization mainly for AC and Non-AC bus, public transport and electricity supply in city. Below is complete detailed bus routes and numbers running around Mumbai city and suburb location, which includes routes of Navi-Mumbai Location also. If you planning or stay in Virar Vasai location (Far Mumbai Suburb), then VVMT buses are the new and best options..”

Quick Look : [ Basic Details ], [ B.E.S.T Facts and Figures (Numbers) ], [ BRTS AC BusesĀ  ], [ AC Bus Timetable/Numbers/Routes ], [ Non AC Buses Timetable ], [ Updates ]

Best Bus in Mumbai

Best Bus in Mumbai

Basic Route Details

Detailed list of B.E.S.T buses running in Mumbai with individual Bus Numbers and other details like Starting FROM (Source) and TO (Destination) places with Routes, A very helpful bus guide helping thousands of commuters locally and those who comes to Mumbai from outside city like tourists, who come for a month and looking for Good road travel options in and around Mumbai.

Please Note that ‘L’ means Limited Buses and ‘E’ means Express buses.

Below is the BEST services Network of buses running across Mumbai with information like Bus no.s ‘BUS FROM’ and ‘BUS TO’. Information about Buses starting from S.V Road and Link road of major places.

Statistics Numbers and Loses

This year 2013, BEST bus services was about Rs.1 Cr in loss. Instead of Increase in Fleet and Operational Cost, The Income was down. Below are the APPROXIMATE figures just to get and idea on how the numbers were compared to previous year 2012, found in many leading news media.

BEST Mumbai Year 2012 Year 2013 Trending
Revenue Earning (Rs.) 108.70 Crores 107.26 Crores DOWN (Loss)
Operational Cost 168 Crores 171 Crores UP (Increased)
Total Bus Fleet 4534 4167 UP (Services Increased)
CNG Operated Buses 2980 2944 DOWN (Decreased)
Diesel Operated Buses 1554 1223 DOWN (Decreased)
Driver Staff Absenteeism 10.98% 13.09% UP (Increased)
Conductors Staff Absenteeism 10.76% 11.76% UP (Increased)

(As of January 2010)

  • About 45 lakh people travel daily in Mumbai via bus.
  • Total number of buses in Mumbai are about 3500.
  • Approximately 350 to 370 routes their in Mumbai.
  • Approximate speed of bus is 12 to 15 kms per hour which is still decreased due to congestion.
About BRTS AC Buses, Routes and Numbers For Mumbai

BRTS (Bus Rapid Transit System) Ac Buses is boon to daily job workers who spend hours in traffic and waste petrol in private vehicles. The huge king size BRTS AC bus is a Volvo kind public bus whose details on timetable, bus numbers and routes can be found at BRTS AC Bus Mumbai. It is today one of the convenient and affordable way of commuting around city, reason being all the buses are comfortable and limited seating buses, secondly being an Air Conditioned bus, the bad pollution of city do not affect the travel. The best part about BRTS buses is that they have a monthly pass system and you can travel from any location to destination as many time you want. Approximate Rate of BRTS bus pass (season ticket for month) is about Rs.1000/-. Refer below for updated AC bus timetable.

Kindly Not, Below Bus Numbers (For NON-AC buses) and Other Details might NOT be Up-to-date.

Also Working on Bus from Virar and Nalasopara which Routes towards Thane, like few bus goes from routes of Naigaon and Bhayander towards Mumbai and From Mira Road to other places.

9 Colaba Bus Station Nadkarni Park
10L Hutatma Chowk Ghatkopar Bus Station
11 L Navy Nagar Bandra Colony
12L Swami.Dayanand S Chowk Goregaon Depot
14 Backbay Depot Anik Depot
15 World Trade Center Pratiksha Nagar
16L Electric House Kannamwar Nagar
16L M.P.Chowk (Mazgaon) Kannamwar Nagar
17 Rani Laxmibai Chowk. Somaiyya Hospital
18 Mantralaya Pratiksha Nagar
19L Mantralaya Shivaji Nagar
20L Backbay Depot B.A.R.C
21L R.C.Church Trombay
22L Colaba Bus Station Marol Maroshi
23L N.C.P.A. Majas Depot
24L N.C.P.A. Ghatkopar Station .(East)
25L Backbay Depot Vihar Lake
26 Rani Lakshmibai Chowk Bhandup Village(East)
27 Worli Depot Vaishali Nagar(Mulund)
28 Swami Dayanand Saraswati Chowk. J.V.P.D
29 Wadala Depot Vaishali Nagar(Mulund)
30L Mumbai Central Depot Thane Flyover Bridge
31L Mantralaya Seven Bunglows
32 Ballard Pier J.V.P.D
33 Pt. Paluskar Chowk. Goregaon Bus Station
34 Pt.Thakeray Udyan Malwani Depot
35 Com.P.K.Khurana Chowk Marol Maroshi
36 J.M.Mehta Marg Mahim Bus Station .
37 J.M.Mehta Marg Kurla Station .(West)
38 Hutatma Chowk Goregaon Depot
39 J.M.Mehta Marg Seepz
40L Wadala Depot Borivili Station (East)
40L Pt.Thakeray Udyan Dahisar Bus Station .
41 Ferry Wharf Pt. Paluskar Chowk
42 Ferry Wharf Com.P.K.Khurana Chowk
43 Colaba Bus Station Maheshwari Udyan
44 Colaba Bus Station Worli Village
45 Mantralaya Nadkarni Park
46 Ferry Wharf Machhimar Nagar
47 Navy Nagar balunath
48 Ferry Wharf Vasantrao Naik Chowk.
49 Sw. Dayanand Saraswati Chowk. Nadkarni Park
50 Ferry Wharf Worli Village
52 Shri.Yeshwantrao Chowk. Machhimar Nagar
54 Saibaba Marg Parel Worli Village
55 Worli Village Saibaba Road Parel
56 Worli Village Versova
57 Balunath Pundit Thakeray Udyan
59 N.C.P.A Anushakti Nagar
60 Kurla Station (East) Truck Terminal Wadala
61 N.C.P.A Machhimar Nagar
62 Hutatma Chowk Kurla Station(West)
63 J.M.Mehta Marg Chunabhatti
64 Babulnath Maheshwari Udyan
65 Dr S.P.Mukherjee Chowk. Anik Depot
65L Dr S.P.Mukherjee Chowk. Anik Depot
66 Ballard Pier Chunabatti
66L Sm. Dayanand Chowk. Kala Killa Depot
67 Walkeshwar Antop Hill
68 Ballard Pier Wadala Depot
69 Dr S.P.Mukherjee Chowk Pt.Thakeray Udyan
70 Colaba Bus Station Bandra Bus Station
71 Dr S.P.Mukherjee Chowk Ram.G.Gadkari Chowk
72 & 73 Kala Killa Depot Pt.Paluskar Chowk
74 Ballard Pier Mahim Bus Station .
75 Chira Bazzar Balunath
76 Mantralaya Tata Colony
79 Ram G.Gadkari Chowk Pt. Thakeray Nagar
80L Kamala Nehru Park J.V.P.D
81L N.C.P.A Shastri Nagar
81E Mantralaya Daulat Nagar
82 Mantralaya Worli village
83 Colaba Santacruz Depot
84L Ballard Pier Oshwara Depot
84L Pt.Paluskar Chowk. Juhu Chowpatty
85 World Trade Centre Kurla Station (East)
86 Backbay Depot Bandra Reclamation Bus Station
87L Mantralaya Bandra Colony
88 Mantralaya Anik Depot
89 Mantralaya Worli Village
90L Worli Trade Centre Anushakti Nagar
91L Mumbai Central Depot Kurla Station .(West)
92L World Trade Centre Deonar Depot
93L Mantralaya Deonar Depot
100 Colaba Bus Station . Santacruz Depot
101 Dr. S. P. Mukherjee Chowk Walkeshwar
102 Kamala Nehru Park Mahatma Phule Market
103 R.C. Church Walkeshwar
104 J. M. Mehta Marg Vijay Vallab Chowk.
105 Kamla Nehru park Vijay Vallab Chowk.
106 R.C.Church Kamla Nehru park
107 Colaba Bus Station Kamla Nehru park
108 Nagar Chowk Kamla Nehru park
110 Com. P. K. Khurana Chowk Sangam Nagar, Wadala
112 Sangam Nagar, Wadala Santacruz (East)
121 Backbay Depot J.M.Mehta Marg
122 Ballard Pier J.M.Mehta Marg
123 R.C. Church Vasantrao Naik Chowk.
124 Colaba Bus Station . Worli Depot
125 Navy Nagar Worli Village
126 Mantralaya Jijamata Udyan
127 Colaba Bus Station Pt. Paluskar Chowk
130,132 & 133 Colaba Bus Station Vasantrao Naik Chowk.
134 Mantralaya Pr. Thakeray Udyan
135 Ferry Warf J.M.Mehta Marg
136 Navy Nagar M.Phule Market
137 Navy Nagar Nadkarni Park
138 Backbay Depot Nagar Chowk.
151 J.M.Mehta Marg Maheshwari Udyan
152 M.Pratap Chowk J.M.Mehta Marg
153 & 154 Byculla Station (West) Nehru Planetorium
155 Grantroad Station (West) Khamballa Hill
156 Grantroad Station (West) J.M.Mehta Marg
160 Plaza (Dadar West) Bandra Station .(East)
161 P.Kurene Chowk Worli Seaface
162 Pr. Thakeray Udyan Worli Village
164 Byculla Station (West) Rani Lakshmi Chowk.
165 Kasturba Gandhi Chowk Dharavi Depot
166 Vasantrao Naik Chowk Antop Hill
167 Rani lakshmi Chowk Dadar Station (East)
168 Tata Oil Mills Dayaneshwar Nagar
169 Worli Village Pratiksha Nagar
170 Ambika Mill Antop Hill
171 Worli Dairy Antop Hill
172 Ambika Nagar Partiksha Nagar
180 Antop Hill Malwani Depot
184 Aagarkar Chowk Vihar Lake
185 Kannamvar Nagar-2 Majas Depot
186 Aagarkar Chowk Filter Pada
188L Borivli Station (East) Kanheri Caves
200 Jijamata Udyan Seven Bunglows
201 Pr. Thakeray Udyan Goregaon Bus Station .
201E Goregaon Bus Station . Ram Mandir
202L Mahim Bus Station . Dahisar Bridge
202 Mahim Bus Station . Dahisar Bridge(Night)
203 Juhu Beach Dahisar Bridge
204 Goregaon Depot Borivili Station (East)
205 Goregaon Depot Gomant Nagar
206 Kandivli Station .(West) I.C.Colony
207 Malwani Depot Dahisar Bus Station .
209 Borivili Station (East) Anand Nagar
210L Yari Marg Dahisar Bridge
210E Father Agnel’s Ashram Borivili Station (West)
211 Father Agnel Ashram Chuim Village
212 Pr.Thakeray Udyan Bandra Station .(West)
214 Mount Merry Steps Chuim Village
215 Bandra Reclamation. Station Tata Colony
216 Kurla Station (West) Bandra Station .(West)
219 Bandra Reclamation Station . Khar Station .(West)
220 Bandra Station (West) Khar Station .(West)
221 Mount Merry Steps Khar Station .(West)
222 Bandra Bus Station . Yari Marg
224L Shastri Nagar, Santacruz Shanti Ashram
225 Mahim Bus Station . Dahisar Bus Station .
226 Asalpha Gaon Pr Thakeray Nagar
227 Charcop Bus Station . Sector No. 6
230 Juhu Vile-parle Bus Station . Juhu Beach
231 Santacruz Station .(West) Juhu Bus Station .
231E Santacruz Station .(West) Daulat Nagar
232 Seven Bunglow Station . Vile-Parle Station (West)
233L Shivaji Nagar Seven Bunglow Station .
234 Andheri Station (West) Samarth Nagar
235 Andheri Station (West) Shanti Van
236 Seven Bunglows Ambovili
238 Borivili Bus Station (East) Dahisar Bridge
239 Borivili Bus Station (East) Rushi Complex
240 Shanti Ashram Rushi Complex Textan
241L Wadala Depot Malwani Depot
242 Andheri Station (West) Millat Magar
243 Malad Station .(West) Jankalayan Bhavan
244 Borivli Bus Station (West) Pr Thakeray Nagar
245 Borivli Bus Station (West) Chikuwadi
246 Kandivli Station (West) Borivli Bus Station (West)
247 Gaikwad Nagar Pr Thakeray Nagar
248 Andheri Station (West) Ramesh Nagar
249 Andheri Station (West) Seven Bunglows Station
250 Andheri Station (West) Yari Road Marg
251 Andheri Station (West) Versova
252 Juhu Vile-Parle Bus Station . Yari Marg
253 Juhu Vile-Parle Bus Station . Goregaon Station (West)
254 Andheri Station (West) Vera Desai Road Marg
255L Prabodhan Thakeray Udyan Versova
256 Juhu Vile-Parle Bus Station . Malwani Depot
258 Andheri Station (West) Juhu Vile-Parle Bus Station .
259 Andheri Station (West) Gorai Depot
260 Goregaon depot Goregaon Station . (West)
261 Jogeshwari Station (West) Goregaon Station . (West)
262 Goregaon Bus Station . (West) Chincholi Bunder
263 Goregaon Bus Station . (West) Ayyappa Mandir
264 Sat Bhakti Mandir Samarth Nagar
265 Jogeshwari Station (West) Millat Nagar
266 Andheri Station (West) Sw. Samarth Nagar Extn.
267 Terminal Bldg Santosh Nagar
268 Kandivali Station (West) Charcop Village
269 Matt Jetty Borivili Bus Station (East)
270 M.H.B Colony I.C.Colony
271 Malad Station (West) Matt Jetty
272 Malad Station (West) Marvey
273 Sainath Marg Malwani Depot
274 Malad Station (West) Kachpada
275 Malad Station (West) Evershine Nagar
276 Borivli Station (East) Ratnam Nagar
Colaba Bus Station Nadkarni Park
278 Shanti Ashram Borivli Station (West)
279 Kandivili Station (West) Pr Thakeray Nagar
280 Kandivili Station (West) Dattani Gram
281 Pushpa Park Kandivili Station (West)
282 Kandivili Station (East) Damu Nagar Ext
282E Kandivili Station (East) Alika Nagar
283 Kandivili Station (West) Santosh Nagar
284 Kandivili Station (West) Satya Nagar
285 Kandivili Station (West) Mahavir Nagar Ext.
286 Kandivili Station (West) Charcop Village
287 Kandivili Station (East) Borivili Station (East)
288 Kandivili Station (East) Lokhandwala Complex
289 N.H.P colony Borivli Station (West)
290 Borivli Bus Station (West) Yodi Nagar
291 Borivli Station . (East) Dahisar Bus Station
293 Borivli Station . (East) Nensey Colony
294 Borivli Bus Station (West) Gorai Creek
295 Shanti Ashram Shimpoli Village
296 Satya Nagar Borivli Bus Station (West)
297 M.H.B. Colony Borivli Station (West)
298 Tata Receiving Station Borivli Station (East)
299 Borivli Station (East) Kajupada
300 Kandivli Bus Station (East) Thakur Complex
301 Borivli Station (East) Rawal Pada
302 Rani Laxmi Chowk M.P.Chowk (Mulund)
303 Pratiksha Nagar Mulund Station (West)
304L Kurla Station (West) Vaishali Nagar
305L Vasant Roa Naik Chowk M.P.Chowk (Mulund)
306L Santacruz Station (East) Mulund Station (West)
307 Vaishali Nagar SEEPZ
308 Vidya Vihar Station (West) Majas Depot
309L Kurla Station (West) Gorai Depot
310 Kurla Station (West) Bandra Station (East)
311 Kurla Station (West) Santacruz Station (East)
312 Pr. Thackeray Udyan SEEPZ
313 Kurla Station (West) Santacruz Station (East)
314 & 315 Govt Colony (B.-E) Rani Laxmi Chowk
316 Bandra Colony Bandra Station (East)
317 Bandra Station (East) Tata Colony
318 Kurla Station (West) Santacruz Station (East)
319 Aagarkar Chowk Chandivli Village
320 Kurla Station (West) Filter Pada
321 Ambika Mill Asalpha Village
322 Vidya Vihar Station (West) Mahant Marg
323 Vidya Vihar Station (West) Vihar Lake
324 Com. Kurne Chowk Vidya Vihar Station (West)
325 Kurla Station (West) Asalpha Village
326 Kurla Station (West) Subhash Nagar
327 Kala Killa Depot Kurla Depot
328 Marol Maroshi Bus Station Versova
329 Subhash Nagar Agarkar Chowk
330L Kurla Station (West) Versova
331 Sahar Cargo Marol Maroshi Bus Station
332 Kurla Station (West) Agarkar Chowk
333 New Quarters Mahakali Caves
333E Agarkar Chowk Charat Singh Colony
334 Agarkar Chowk Marol Maroshi Bus Station
335 Mahakali Caves Tarun Bharat Society
336 Seepz Ghatkopar Station (West)
337 Sahar Cargo Vikroli
338 Agarkar Chowk New Airport
339 Majas Depot Juhu Chowpatti
340 Asalpha Village Agarkar Chowk
341L Antop Hill Dindoshi Bus Station
342 Goregaon Station (East) New Zealand Hostel
343 Goregaon Station (East) Film City
344 Agarkar Chowk Kandivli Lokhandvala
345 Santosh Nagar Pr Thackeray Nagar
346L M.P. Chowk Dindoshi Bus Station
347 Goregaon Station (East) Gokul Dham
348L Anik Depot Dahisar Bus Station
349 Kurla Station (West) Majas Depot
350 Shivaji Nagar Kurla Station (East)
351 M’bai Central Depot B.A.R.C.
352 Trombay Rani Laxmi Chowk
352L Trombay Seven Bunglows
353 Wadala Depot Tagore Nagar No-5
354 Ram G.Gadkari Chowk Kannamwar Nagar
355 Worli Depot Trombay
356L B.A.R.C. Shastri Nagar
357 M’bai Central Depot Shivaji Nagar
358L Deonar Depot Poisar Depot
359L Ghatkopar Station .(East) Malwani Depot
360 Govandi Bus Station . Kurla Station .(East)
361 Mahul Village Kurla Station .(East)
362 Dr Ambedkar Udyan Kurla Station .(East)
363 Com. P. K. Kurne Chowk Mahul Village
364 Trombay Mahul Village
365 Kurla Station (East) Sahar Cargo
366 Neelam Nagar Mulund Station (East)
367 Gadkari Quarry Kurla Station (East)
368L Pr Thackeray Udyan Gawanpada Mulund(East)
369 Trombay Mankhurd Station
370 Mulund Bus Station (East) Mithagar
371 B.A.R.C.(North Gate) Bandra Station (West)
372 Trombay Dr Ambedkar Udyan
372(2) Shivaji Nagar Govandi Station Road
373L Bandra Station (West) Gawanpada Mulund(East)
374L Anushakti Nagar Goregaon Bus Station .
375L Shivaji Nagar Bandra Bus Station
376 Shivaji Nagar Mahim Bus Station
377 Govandi Bus Station Bandra Reclamation
378 Marol Maroshi Bus Station . Juhu Bus Station .
379 Shivaji Nagar Ghatkopar Station (East)
380 Trombay Amrut Nagar
381 B.A.R.C. Ghatkopar Station (East)
382L Anushakti Nagar Mahim Bus Station
383 Gadkari Quarry Govandi Bus Station .
384 Ghatkopar Bus Station Bandra Station .(West)
384E Ghatkopar Bus Station Juhu Chowpatty
385 M’bai Central Depot Ghatkopar Station (East)
386 Kurla Station (East) Kurla Terminus
387 Ghatkopar B. Station (West) Park Site Colony
388L Kannamwar Nagar-2 Gorai Depot
389 Ghatkopar Station (West) Barve Nagar
390 Ghatkopar B. Station Barve Nagar
391 Mulund Station (West) Bhandup Complex
392 Ghatkopar Station (West) Majas Depot
393 Bhandup Station Konkan Nagar
394 Vikroli (East) Kannamwar Nagar 2
395 Khindipada M.P. Chowk(Mulund)
396L Mulund Station (West) Mahant Road
397 Vikroli Station (East) Kannamwar Nagar (East)
398L M.P. Chowk(Mulund) Borivli Station (East)
399L Trombay Teen Hath Naka
400L Anik Depot Dahisar Bus Station
401 Ghatkopar Station (East) Railway. Police Quarters
402 Mulund Station (West) Vaishali Nagar
404 Ghatkopar Station (East) Garodia Nagar
407 Bhandup Station Marg Tulshetpada
408 Rani Laxmi Chowk Khindipada Bhandup
408E Mahim Bus Station Khindipada Bhandup
409L M.P. Chowk (Mulund) Marol Depot
410 Amrut Nagar Mahakali Caves
411 Rani Laxmi Chowk Mhada Chandivli
411E Kurla Station (West) Mhada Chandivli
412 M.P. Chowk Mulund Bhandup Complex
413 Mulund Station (West) Mulund Colony
414 Mulund Station (West) Jai Shastri Nagar
415 Agarkar Chowk Seepz
416 Amrut Nagar Ghatkopar Station (West)
417 Park Site Colony Surya Nagar
418 Agarkar Chowk Tilak Nagar
419 Amrut Nagar Ghatkopar Station (West)
421 Ghatkopar Station Ramji Nagar
422 M.P. Chowk (Mulund) Bandra (West)
424 M.P. Chowk (Mulund) Goregoan Depot
425L M.P. Chowk (Mulund) Seven Bunglows
425E Mulund Station (West) Yari Road
430 Mahul Village Ghatkopar Station (East)
431 Kurla Station (East) B.A.R.C.
435 Podar Park Malad (East) Raheja Complex
436 Podar Park Malad (East) Raheja Complex
441 Agarkar Chowk Sarvodaya Nagar
442 Agarkar Chowk Majas Depot
443 Agarkar Chowk Bamandaya Pada
445L Bhandup Village (East) Aggarkar Chowk
446 Kurla Station (West) Bamandaya Pada
448L Borivli Station (East) Anik Depot
451 Goregoan (East) Pimpri Pada
452 Unit No. 7 Veet Bhatti
459L Malavani Depot Ghatkopar Station (West)
460L Mulund Station (West) Gorai Depot
461L M.P. Chowk (Mulund) Pr Thackeray Nagar
462 Borivli Station (East) Vaishali Nagar
488L Ghatkopar Depot Gorai Depot
496L M.P.Chowk (Mulund) Agarkar Chowk
1 – Super Fast World Trade Centre Mira Road Railway Station
2 – Super fast Mantralaya Swami Samarth Nagar
3 – Super Fast N.C.P.A. Gavanpada (Mulund)
4 – Super Fast Ballard Pier Yari Road
CBD2 Nagar Chowk N.C.P.A.
1 Special N.Chowk(Bhatai Baug) N.C.P.A.
2 Special N.Chowk(Bhatai Baug) World Trade Centre
3 Special Colaba M.Phule Market
4 Special N.Chowk(Bhatai Baug) Free Press House
6 Special Ahilyabai Holkar Chowk Colaba
7 Special Ahilyabai Holkar Chowk Ballard Pier
8 Special Ahilyabai Holkar Chowk World Trade Centre
9 Special Ahilyabai Holkar Chowk N.C.P.A.
L1 Borivli Station (East) Mulund Station (West)
L2 Mira Road Railway Station (East) World Trade Centre (WTC)
L3 Yari Road N.C.P.A.
Special Asiatic Navy Nagar Maitri Park
Special Asiatic Afghan Church Maheshwari Udyan
Special Asiatic Bandra Reclamation Gawanpada
601L Malad Station (East) Kurar Village
602L Satbhakti Mandir Mhada Colony
603L Amrut Nagar R.C.F.Colony
604L Ghatkopar Station (West) Milind Nagar
605L Bhandup Station (West). Tembhipada Ext
606L Bhandup Station (West) Tembhipada
607L Bhandup Station (West) Bhatti Pada
608L Kanjurmarg Station (West) Hanuman Nagar
609L Kanjurmarg Station (West) Utkarsha Nagar
610L Kurla Station (West) Asalpha Nagar
611L Malad Station (West) Patel Nagar
614L Ghatkopar Station (West) Kherani Barg
615L Bandra Railway.Phatak (East) Santacruz Station (East)
616L Santacruz Station (East) Shivaji Nagar
618L Santacruz Station (East) Datta Mandir Marg
619L Santacruz Station (East) Juhu Beach
621L Malad Station (West) Navy Nagar
624L Malad Station (East) AppaPada
626L Bandra Bus Station Chuim Village
627L Santacruz Station (West) Mora Village (Juhu)
628L Khar Station (West) Santacruz Station (West)
630L Kurla Station (East) Shivaji Nagar
631L Borivli Station (East) Konkani Pada
700L Vasantrao Naik Chowk Mira Rd Station (East)
701L Kandivli Bus Station Shrushti (Mira Rd)
702L Borivli Station (East) Ghod Bunder Village
703L Magathane Depot Shrushti
705L Gorai Creek Manori Island
707L Santacruz Depot Bhayander Station (East)
708L Din Doshi Bus Station Bhayander Station (East)
709L Ghatkopar Station (West) Bhayander Station (East)
710L Borivli Station (East) A.P.M.C. Vashi
710E A.P.M.C. Vashi Mira Road Station (East)

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