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“Since 2005, B.E.S.T (Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport) didn’t had fare hike, On 9th September 2010 the hike was done, Then as the 2011 passed and 2012 came the rates increased again, Now at end of 2013 the new revised and hiked approved ticket rates according to kilometers are out in news, Upon getting approval from civic body’s standing committee and State transport Authority the stretched rates will be implemented in around March 2014. Below are the old and latest new revised bus fares by BEST for ordinary and AC buses for Mumbai are implemented. Below is the printable chart to download for same..”

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BEST bus Mumbai

BEST bus Mumbai

Fare Hikes From March 2014

Today, as on 27 November as i update this post the news are that starting from March 2014 the 40 lakh passengers, the common man’s last cheapest travel option in Mumbai is getting more costlier, specially affecting those 25 lakh traveling short distance via this public buses as the existing total number of 4200 fleet still not giving profits to BEST department. The inflation slap and now the coming up fare hike is going to slap the same common man specially those who travel via our BEST buses within 7 km range as that distance range is getting more costlier now. Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport has already finalized and put up the new fare list for approval to State transport Authority and civic body’s standing committee. The old km distance rage of 2KM, 3Km, 5KM and 7KM has been revised to 2, 4, 6 and Jumping directly to 10KM and the effects on Mumbaikars pocket is easily seen from below bus fare chart.

Current Distance KM Current Fares (Rs.) New Proposed Distance KM New Proposed Fares (Rs.)
2 6 2 7
3 8 4 10
5 10 6 13
7 12 10 16

Note : See the new KM jump from 6 to 10, which directly impacts the fares.

Future Fare Hikes 2013

As found in leading newspapers of Mumbai, The Fare hike for BEST buses are again expected for coming year on April of 2013 and the extra amount to be shed by citizens who travel via bus daily is Rs.1 compared to previous cost. This hikes ae been decided by BEST committe within and decision may or may not change in next year. Like For 2 km currently its Rs.5 and will be increased to (Rs.6), 3km is Rs.7 (Rs.8), 5km is Rs.10 (Remains Same) for normal buses. For Other best buses below will be the new fares

Kms Express Bus Fares AC Super Bus Fares AC Fast Bus Fares
2 Rs.7 (Previous Charges Rs.6) Rs.20 (Previous Charges Rs.15) Rs.20 (Previous Charges Rs.15)
3 Rs.10 (Previous Charges Rs.9) Rs.25 (Previous Charges Rs.20) Rs.30 (Previous Charges Rs.25)
5 Rs.12 (Previous Charges Rs.12) Rs.30 (Previous Charges Rs.25) Rs.35 (Previous Charges Rs.35)
Proposed Short Distance Bus Pass Costs, 2013

Distance New Monthly Pass Cost Current Monthly Pass Cost
2 Rs.260 Rs.220
3 Rs.350 Rs.308
5 Rs.440 Rs.440
Routes Km and BEST Fares 2013
Route Old Fares (Rs) New Fares (Rs) Km
South Mumbai
Colaba to Worli 12 18 15
Pratiksha Nagar to Borivali 17 25 30
Mumbai CST to Kurla 14 20 20
Kalbadevi to Malabar Hill 7 10 5
Western Suburb
Khar to Andheri 10 15 10
Andheri to Goregaon 10 15 8 to 10
Bandra to Borivali 17 25 27
Eastern Suburb
Kurla to Ghatkopar 7 10 5
Ghatkopar to Mulund 10 15 10
Ghatkopar to Chembur 10 15 10
Latest Revised Bus Fares as Of April 2012

Mumbai people has to pay more to commute in BEST buses from today since the revised fares for buses are out with hike in daily travel prices and also in monthly and quarterly passes. This revised tariff proposal is effective from Wednesday midnight for all 42 lakh people who travel daily in Mumbai buses. The new fare that is hiked is about 30 percent more then before. For initial 2 kilometers it has been increased to Rs.4 which was Rs.3 previously and an additional of Rs.2 further. For quarterly pass the new fare hikes to Rs.80 and Rs.120 minimum for monthly and quarterly passes. Also that Air Conditioned (AC) BRTS bus pass has been hiked by Rs.500.

Kilometer (km) Old Fares Revised Fares, Latest as on April 2012
2 4 5
3 6 7
5 7 10
7 8 12
10 10 15
15 12 18
20 14 20
50 24 40
(OLD)Printable Format For Best Bus Fares

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