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“Traveling by Taxi is Mumbai is easy, convenient and fast option. Two types of cabs available here are AC and NON-AC fleets. Famous ‘Yellow Black’ taxis which is Non-AC regular one’s operates at lowest fares. Another option is to call for Private Fleets Cool Cabs, Many private companies run their own range of AC and Non AC Radio Cabs like Meru Cabs which is one of the oldest and best with competitive fares, others being TabCab, Mega Cab, Easy Cabs, Aarya Cabs, Viira Cabs, Book My Cab. To help you further, Below are fare list with Day and Night rates which details the type of taxi, minimum start fare for minimum distance (Km) and Rates per KM for every unit/km you travel, Waiting charges of individual fleet taxi service providers. Hope below updated chart will help you to easy decide and rent a taxi from anywhere in Mumbai (Including Airports).”

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Taxis in Mumbai

Taxis in Mumbai

Latest Updated Radio Cabs and Local Taxi Fares Rates

Updated : November 2013, Please Note that taxi rates (including Radio Cabs and Private Fleets) changes every now and then (Including regular yellow black taxis), We do update this list and provide the latest rates that apply. Yet consider this as a approximate fares which will sure give you perfect travel calculating idea.

Taxi / Cab
Starting Fare (Rs.) Day Time Starting Fare (Rs.) Night Time Minimum Start Distance
Rate After 1  (KM) Day Time Rate After 1 (KM) Night Time Day
Waiting Charges
(Rs. Per Hour/
Waiting Charges
(Rs. Per Hour/
Yellow Black Regular Taxi 19 23 1.60 12.35 12.35 Nothing Fixed (Talk and Bargain) Nothing Fixed (Talk and Bargain)
Meru Cabs 27 33.75 1 20 25 2 (Per Minute) 2.5 (Per Minute)
TabCab 27 (30 For Gold Taxi) 33.75 (37.50 For Gold Taxi) 1 20 (23 For Gold) 25 (28 For Gold) 2 (Per Minute) 2.5 (Per Minute)
Mega Cabs 27 27 + 25% Extra 1 20 20 + 25% Extra 30 (Per Hour) 30 (Per Hour)
Easy Cabs 69 86.25 3 23 28.75 30 (Per hour) 30 (Per Hour)
Aarya Cabs 27 NA 1 15 15 30 (Per Hour, Starting 15 Minutes Waiting Charges Free/Discounted) Same as Daytime.
Viira Cabs (Special Taxi Services For Women) 28 37 1 21 28 100 Per Hour same a day Charges (NOTE : Gents allowed Only if with family. )
Book My Cab (Non-AC) 200 200 + 25% Extra 1 12.50 12.50 + 25% Extra 1.25 per minute 1.25 per minute
Book My Cab (AC) 250 250 + 25% Extra 1 15.50 15.50 + 25% Extra 1.55 per minute 1.55 per minute

More Important Information About Taxi Travel

  • Yellow Black regular taxis charges 25% extra during Nights.
  • Night timings are 00:00 (Mid Night) till Morning 5:00 Am.
  • Road distance covered by Taxi’s (KM) can be known here.
  • Mumbai do have share a taxi concept which helps you have enough money and travel cheap.
  • Contact Taxi Lost + Found in case you left your belongings while traveling in city. Contact number we got as of 2009 are 022-23078409 and 022-23078414.
  • Taxi fares applies within town limits, i.e Between Churchgate and Mahim in western route, Also includes CST area.
  • For Taxi Refusal (Mumbai Region) call RTO Toll Free : 1800220110, Alternately here are details
  • For Taxi Refusal (Thane District Region) call RTO Toll Free : 1800225335
  • Cheaper and Alternate to taxi is Bus Fares.

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