Central Railway Local Train : Lost + Found Luggage

“We humans are bound to forget belongings while traveling in local train, So here is where you can find you lost luggage and belongings in central railway route of Mumbai..”

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There are basically 3 places you can immediately contact for you lost belongings, Firstly contact the immediate master office of the station you forgot your luggage because chances are some other commuter has found it and deposited at master office of railway station, Secondly contact Lokmanya Tilak Terminus at Kurla (Lost Property Office) by calling them on 022-67462621, 022-67462618 (Contact numbers might change with time), Thirdly try the famous CST (Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus) clockroom which just next to platform number 13 at Lost property office within a month and luckily you may find your stuff. The contact number of clock room is 022-67455127


Lost + Found After 1 Month

Remember, if you have not registered your complain at central railway lost and found section and are unable to collect the belongings with in one month then it is declared as unclaimed and is shifted to WADI BUNDAR goods depot center located at Sandhurst Road for which the contact number is 022-67455426 where it is auctioned in public and the money collected is deposited at government exchequer.

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