Linking Road Bandra West – Best Road Side Shopping in Mumbai Suburb

“Linking Road is very famous for fashion trends and street shopping in Bandra (Mumbai) located in WEST just about 10 Minutes walk able distance near National College. It is well known for this street side Shopping for latest Fashion accessories, trendy clothes and varieties of ladies shoe shops/stalls continuous in a row. Linking road is fun and ideal place to enjoy street shopping in Bandra..”

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Picture of Linking Road Bandra

Linking Road Bandra West

Linking Road Bandra West


Shopping at Linking Road

Just like Fashion Street, All the Products sold here are cheaper compared to any stores in Mumbai and one can still have best bargain for the required material. Still if one has Question About “HOW TO BARGAIN WHEN SHOPPING AT LINKING ROAD OF BANDRA ?” then the simple answer is take your price down to 55 to 60 percent less then the actual and finalize it getting bargain of about 40 to 50 percent.

One can also see brands and shopping malls like Shoppers Stop, Mc Donalds near linking road for branded shopping. Market timings of linking road is from morning 10:30 till late evening depends on festive seasons etc. Artificial Bangles, Earrings and other accessories is what one can get in varieties on the street stalls while shopping in linking road with whole new trendy collections of shoes which one can get in 150 to 200 Rupees.

During most of the seasons discounts are running around in many stores adjacent to this stalls for Jeans wear, Tops, T-shirts etc, no wonder why this place is so famous for girls shopping / women shopping in Bandra . There is also ATMs of HDFC BANK and ICICI BANKS near Linking road petrol pumps in same location for emergency urgent cash for shopping. When Hungry, one can eat at fast food stalls near national college exactly opposite Shoe Shops in Linking, to enjoy Sandwiches, Juice and Special Cutting Chai (Tea), also there is Cafe Coffee day, Mc Donalds, KFC and Small restaurants on the way around for eating in Bandra.

How to Reach Linking and Road Map

Reaching Linking Road is Simple, Via Auto from Bandra (West) in Minimum Cost, just 5 to 10 minutes OR Alternately 15 minutes walkable distance towards Khar direction.

Road Map

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