Street Shopping Experience at Linking Road Bandra West – Mumbai Suburban

“Bandra’s Linking Road fascinates many for its street shopping experiences. Its one of the best places for road side shopping of latest trends clothings, accessories, shoes and more at Mumbai Suburban queen Bandra..”

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Linking Road Bandra West

Linking Road Bandra West

Shopping at Linking Road

SO why is Linking road such an hype when it comes to street shopping ? Well, people have their own experiences to share. Of course its Bandra, the preferred location of Bollywood who’s who just around the area, Fashion talks when we walk on Linking and Hill road, Yet few common things keep up with common mind that runs towards this location at Bandra west.

Its a Girls shopping heaven : Not that their is no Gents accessories and fashion clothing available here, But the majority that wins the crowd here are Girls, Women of all age. As at a glance, first time visitor at Linking road will see major Shoes shops in one row and couple of clothings at corners.

But soon when you arrive and get in and explore, There are many things. Fashion accessories in trend right now. Those flashy hand bags, wide range of shoes for that ‘fashionista’ like styling, and that varieties of clothing and accessories, all available at this suburban Bandra location and one don’t need to visit Colaba Causeway any more for same.

Of course, Fashion street at Churchgate has its own taste and more for boys, But Linking road is much more fun to shop with major food chains and other branded showrooms and attraction places around.

Its Cheaper and best for regular use : Yes, When it comes to trendy fashion which changes frequently, Linking road turns to be best as street shopping are cheaper and fits to every girl pocket, Be a college going or a working women who needs to keep up-to-date with their fashion sense.

Not that they are not branded, A combination of branded and locally made (That never meant low quality) both are available here. Shops are smaller, its crowded, its hot in summers, its chaotic, But its fun when you get the best deal at this street shopping destination of Mumbai. Since prices are cheaper and quality is not bad compared to branded showrooms and shopping malls, People prefer purchasing major stuff from this street of Bandra West.

TIP : Peep in properly at those vendors who spread and sell products on road adjacent to those shoe shops and you will find branded cosmetics and prices never imagined.

Linking Road Bargain Option : Many times i get comments and questions from foreign tourists here in Bandra and surrounding suburban, Staying and exploring Mumbai for few days and want to experience street shopping, But are clueless on what cost in Indian Rupees and how to confirm if the price are best while shopping.

They Often question, How to bargain at linking road ? What price to quote when seller quotes the rate of particular product like Shoes, Accessories and Clothings ? And in Reply i will try my best to help to develop your bargain skills in Mumbai with few listed points. You must read How to bargain at Street shopping of Mumbai. So usually, bargain goes around 40 to 50% and sometime even lesser of price actually quoted, mostly for foreign tourists.

Fun of Shopping at Linking Road : What my observation and personal experience says is that, Location and surrounding plays and important factor when it comes to street shopping. It has to be fun the time spent hard bargaining and getting most of your needed products.

People who had already been to the streets of Linking knows that its a complete and perfect place to shop and have fun too. Easy accessible, Walking Distance from Railway Station, Lots of food options, Street side and Brands like KFC, McDonalds, CCD and more, Easy alternative as Hill road is ready available if you don’t find your deal, How about visiting some brands and just passing by Pali Hill area where many Bollywood celebrity resides ? and finally the sea shore at Bandstand and Carter road which is hardly 10 minutes from Linking road. Isn’t that all fun to shop or even be around.

Seasonal discounts and offers also seen at those street shops. With Major bank ATM’s, Petrol station nearby, Shopper Stop mall and those food stalls having varieties like sandwiches, Juices, Tea and more adjacent to National College (Just Opposite Road Side), Is that less of fun time spent while street shopping ?

How to Reach Linking Road

By Train : 10 to 15 Minutes walking distance from Bandra Railway Station (West), Also ready Auto available. So for all those coming by local trains, Get down at Bandra West side and towards right after crossing Bandra Talao comes a traffic junction where Linking road starts.

By Road : For all those coming from far north of Mumbai or central route and suburban areas, Follow the National Highway 8 and take the flyover which straight goes to Reclamation and RIGHT direction goes back to SV Road, Bandra West.

Take that right and as soon you finish the bridge, take left and keep straight for just few minutes to reach the Linking road junction i talked about above.

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