Bollywood Star Cars – Which Star in Bollywood Drives Which Car in Mumbai

“Mumbai’s Superstars have some of the exclusive super cars, Right from SUV’s to high model ranges by Audi, Range Rover, Porsche, Rolls Royce, Or say Mercedez, Bentley and BMW. Lets have a small view on our Bollywood star and cars they drive on Mumbai roads..”

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Bollywood Star Cars

Bollywood Star Cars

 Hey Their : Film stars drives varieties of latest cars every year, If we have missed any car or you have seen these Bollywood stars driving any other super cars which we missed in the list below, Kindly keep the fun moving by adding your comments below.

Stars and List Of Expensive Cars
Bollywood Actor/Star Name Car Model Seen Driving Year More Expensive Cars Owned By Star
Akshay Kumar (Bollywoods Akki) Owns Porsche Cayenne 2008 Fiat, Bentley, Mercedes and Honda CRV
Aamir Khan Owns Bentley 2011 You Know what More cars Aamir Drives ? Comment it down.
Imran Khan Owns Porsche 2009 More Cars Expected with Imran are Ferrari FF
Ranbir Kapoor Owns 2 Seater Audi R8 2010 You Know what More cars Ranbir Drives ? Comment it down.
Amitabh Bachchan (Big B of Bollywood) Owns Rolls Royce 2007 Big B also has Expensive cars like Rolls Royce, Mercedes Benz S600, BMW 760Li (2 cars of BMW), Porsche Cayman
Salman Khan 2010 Owns Range Rover Salman Also Drives Audi Q7, BMW X6
Shahrukh Khan (SRK, King Khan of Bollywood) 2011 Owns Latest Audi SRK also drives Land Cruiser, Audi A6, Rolls Royce, Mitsubishi Pajero, BMW. In School Days he had a Maruti.
Farhan Akhtar 2009 Owns Range Rover Farhan Also Drives Mercedes Benz, M350 CDI SUV.
Deepika Padukone 2011 Owns Audi Q7 You Know what More cars Deepika Drives ? Comment it down.
Bipasa Basu 2011 Owns Porsche Cayenne You Know what More cars Bipasa Drives ? Comment it down.
Kareena Kapoor 2011 Owns Lexus LX 470 a beautiful SUV You Know what More cars Kareena Drives ? Comment it down.
Katrina Kaif 2011 Owns Audi Q7 and loves F1 cars, SUV You Know what More cars Katrina Drives ? Comment it down.
Ajay Devgn 2010 Owns Ferrari Maserati Ajay Also loves Driving BMW z4, Mercedes S Series and Range Rover and modified Toyota Celica.
Rohit Shetty, Bollywoods Movie Director 2011 Owns BMW X6 You Know what More cars Rohit Drives ? Comment it down.
Sanjay Dutt, The Munna bhai of Bollywood 2010 Rolls Royce Sajay Also Drives Red Color Ferrari 599, Bentley, 2 Seater Audi R8 and Q7, BMW 7 Series
Koena Mitra 2011 Owns Ford Endeavour You Know what More cars Koena Drives ? Comment it down.
Rani Mukherjee 2011 Owns Mercedes Benz E Series You Know what More cars Rani Drives ? Comment it down.
Shahid Kapoor, Sasha of Bollywood 2010 Owns Range Rover Shahid also has a beautiful and expensive white Mercedes Benz
Priyanka Chopara, Bollywood Hottie 2008 Owns BMW 7 Series Priyanka Also Drives Porsche Cayenne latest.
Shilpa Shetty 2011 Owns Lamborghini Shilpa also passionate, likes and drives Sports cars, Mercedes
Saif Ali Khan 2012 Owns Range Rover Saif also drives BMW 7 Series Sedan, Mustang, Land Cruiser, Lexus 470, and old time Maruti Esteem & Ambassador
Hrithik Roshan 2012 Owns S Class Mercedes Benz Hrithik also owns & loves driving beautiful white BMW, Range Rover, Porsche Cayenne, Jaguar XJ
Abhay Deol Do you Know Year? No Info On his Owned Cars If you Know Abhay Deol Drives Which cars, Please Comment.
Bobby Deol 2011 Owns Porsches Bobby Also Drives Other Porsche Series like 911 Turbo S, 911 Carrera S
EKTA Kapoor (TV Soap Queen & Bollywood Producer) 2011 Owns Gifted Jaguar XJR (Sedan) Ekta also drives BMW and more of the luxurious brands in best car series.
John Abraham 2011 Owns Audi Q7 SUV John also drives Maruti Gypsy,
Arshad Warsi 2011 Owns Audi Q7 After riding maruti 800, Arshad’s hard work also bought him Volkswagen Beetle.
Abhishek Bachchan 2011 Owns a Bentley
Kareena Kapoor 2012 Owns Lexus LX 470 a beautiful SUV

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