Driving Rules For Mumbai Roads

Some important driving guidelines to be followed when driving in Mumbai. This Driving rules are set by Mumbai Traffic Police who are the authorized government identity for Mumbai Road traffic and related things. Also keep Updated that from 4th May 2015, Strict rules are applied for Vehicle honking in city. Below are details with complete new article on rules, DO and DON’T with fines etc

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Mumbai Traffic Police Ruling

Mumbai Traffic Police Ruling

Rules to Follow When Driving On Mumbai Roads

  • Wear Seat Belts : A very important rule for four wheelers, Also recommended the other fellow seating adjacent to driver to wear.
  • Obey all traffic rules : Understand all the road side board signs and signal rules and obey it seriously.
  • Carry Driving license and Other important legal driving documents like Vehicle Registration certificate, PUC (Pollution Under Control) certificate, Insurance Papers etc.
  • Drive on left side of the road, In India driving is always on left.
  • Use side and back indicators when changing lanes and positions while driving.
  • Obey speed limits as written on sign boards.
  • Do not Drink and Drive, Mumbai Traffic Police is very strict about such activities which is very dangerous and risk your and others life causing accidents.
  • Drive slow near School, Colleges, Hospitals and such locations to avoid accidents.
  • Take care of pedestrians, Small school going children and Senior citizens while driving.
  • Do not park on or aside of road, use proper pay and park locations.
  • Do not over load vehicle with passengers and luggage’s.
  • Use Big ‘L’ sign if you are Learning to Drive.
  • Avoid putting emergency brakes and drive in correct gear and control.
  • Mobile phones are not allowed while driving, not even hands-free (Two, Four wheeler and Others).
  • Wearing Helmet is a must, Never forget same when on two wheeler driving.
  • Contact Traffic police at Junctions, Signals and RTO officers for any help required.
  • Honking rules have been implemented and one can pay up to Rs.500 every time caught not following proper rules. There are some DO’s and DON’T to be followed and legal boundaries to be followed when on road. See complete details on Vehicle Honking Rules and Related in Mumbai and do share with others. (Starts 4th may 2015)

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