Road Offences and Penalty Amounts Fines in Mumbai

“For Mumbai road safety and to reduce the increased offences, Mumbai traffic police / RTO has put up strict penalties for listed traffic offences. The old and latest fines (Amount in Rs.) have huge difference along with the imprisonment, and the fear for those breaking road rules may pay fines and also go to jail for 2 to 3 years. Below are the strict rules laid down by traffic department of Mumbai. Also see updates as of May 2015 related to honking and January 2016 about introduced E-Challan system, a machine whihc used credit & debit card to collect fines..”

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Road Traffic Offences and Fines

Road Traffic Offences and Fines

Mumbai Road Offences and Fines

Road Traffic Offence Old Fines and Penalties(Rs.) Latest Amount(Rs.)
Driving Without Perfect Valid Driving License, All (2,3 and 4 Wheelers) Vehicles   Rs.300
Allowing Other Friend/Person to Drive Your Car Without Valid License.   Rs.300
Driving Without License and Other Required Documents like RC Book, Insurance etc   Rs.100
Driving 2 Wheeler with more then 1 Pillion rider (Applicable For Bikes etc)   Rs.100
Creating Obstruction For Traffic   Rs.100
Parking in No Parking Zone   Rs.100
Violating Traffic Signal and Driving Wrong Side of Road   Rs.100
Cutting Lanes and Driving in No-Entry Zone   Rs.100
Rash Driving using Musical Horn   Rs.500
Talking On Mobile Phones while Driving   Rs.100
One Handed Rash Driving and Caught   Rs.500
Disobeying Traffic Police Hand Signals   Rs.200
Giving False Information to Traffic Police   Rs.200
Charging Excess On Auto Meters (3 Wheelers Autos)   Rs.50
Driving with Learning License But Without ‘L’ Sign on Vehicle   Rs.100
Driving Without Helmet (Two Wheelers)   Rs.100
Reversing Vehicle Negligently   Rs.100
Not Using Safety Belts (For 4 Wheeler Vehicles Like Car etc)   Rs.100
Honking (Beeping Horn) in Silence Zone of Road   Rs.100 to Rs.500 (See Updates On Honking Rules Fines in Mumbai)
Vehicles with Dark Glasses   Rs.100
Improper Number Plate (All vehicles : Auto)   Rs.100 & Rs.50
Driving Above Allowed Speed Limits   Rs.200
Driving when unfit Phisically or Mentally.   Rs.100
Racing on Mumbai Roads Without Permissions   Rs.300
Alcohol Drunk (Drink and Drive), See also the below link for details on drink and drive panelties.   Rs.2000
Driving Through One Way Restricted Roads (All Vehicles : Autos)   Rs.100 : Rs.50
Taking U-Turn On Roads Restricted to (All Vehicles : Autos)   Rs.100 : Rs.50
Lane Cutting   Rs.100 : Rs.50
Driving Vehicle at High Speed (Excessive/Above Rules Limits)
First Time Offence Rs.400 Rs.1000
Repeated Rs.1000 Rs.2000 to 5000
Breaking / Jumping Traffic Signals
First Time Offence Rs.100 Rs.500
Repeated Rs.300 Rs.1000 to 1500
Driving Without Helmet or Seat Belt
First Time Rs.100 Rs.500
Repeated Offence Rs.300 Rs.1000 to 1550
Drink and Drive Fine (See Drink & Drive Penalties for details )
First Time Rs.2000 or Six Months Jail or BOTH Rs.2000 to 5000 and/or Jail For 6 to 24 months (2 years).
Repeated Offence Rs.3000 or 2 years jail Rs.8000 to 10000 AND 3 to 4 years of Jail
Rough / Rash Or Negligent Driving
First Time Offence Rs.1000 or 6 Month Jail or Both. Rs.1000 and/or 6 Month Jail
Repeated Rs.2000 or 2 years Jail or BOTH (If Offence repeated within 3 years of previous charges) Rs.2000 to 5000 and / or 6 month Jail
On Call or Sms While Driving
First Time Rs.100 Rs.500
Repeated Rs.300 Rs.2000 to 5000

Parking Offences

Updates January 2015 : New rules for car parking along with rates per hour have been updated and pay park policies related have been listed. Complete details on same is available here.

According to Rules Of Regulations 1989 and Motor Vehicles Act 1988, Below are the listed ‘No Parking Rules’ (Offences) and all of them are charges Rs.100 as Penalty if broken. Request to always use pay parking location to avoid any offences and penalties. You might also like to see Offences and Penalties report 2008 to 2014.

  • If you parked in a way which creates OBSTRUCTIONS.
  • On Authorized taxi stands or within 15 Meter area of BEST bus stand.
  • If not parked in correct manner.
  • Parking on any flyover bridges or at any of the listed traffic islands.
  • At locations with sign boards saying NO PARKING ZONE.
  • Illegal parking is also when parked on footpath or at pedestrian crossing.
  • In front of any residential or commercial building gates.

Towing Charges

Vehicle TypeTowing Charges (INR. Rs)
Two Wheeler (Bike, Cycles etc)180
Cars and Jeeps (Low Weight)360
Taxi ( All Type Cabs)270
Auto Rickshaw180
Truck, Tankers and Other Trailer (Heavy Vehicles)1080

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Paying Fines via E-Challan System

One of the major moves by traffic department of Mumbai, Introduction of E-Challan machines to collect fines and penalty amounts that till date were paid in cash. Traffic cops use to give back receipt (pavti in Hindi) upon paying actual amount, and few use to bribe and take bribe accepting cash Rs.100 (Just an example) when the actual offence attracts Rs.500 legally.

Trying to bring end to the corruption in department, About E-Challan machines which is a wireless device which will accept only Debit and Credit cards to deduct fine amount from citizens who break rules. About one thousand such machines will be given to traffic police which are centrally connected to a database inside a data centre of servers which device connects and updates the information details about offenders. With every fine amount, Rs.9.5 will be extra charged on Debit / Credit card as convenience charge towards the easy to use device.

What about those who do not carry such electronic debit or credit cards ? Traffic department gives a time period of 15 days within which the offender has to pay the requested fine amount via NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer) also commonly called a medium of ‘wire transfer’ or ‘Online Payment’. Fail to pay the fines within 15 days, from 16th day Rs.10 extra be added for every next day till you pay. Police are further planning to increase the devices upon successful workout of initial 1000 devices and also to introduce prepaid cards as an alternative option which like any other smart card has money added already via some E-Wallet or R-Wallet. Does that mean, whoever will use that prepaid cards are confident of doing any of the listed road offences in Mumbai city or else the card amount will expire / be unused ? (Just kidding).

Very good idea and nice initiative, But does that means ‘Sou Rupiya Lo Baat Khatam Karo’ (Bribing with Rs.100 note and saying finish the matter here and let me go) kind things will not happen. Getting rid off every loop hole to make this system powerful / uncorrupted is very important and i am waiting for same to be updated here. Till then have a safe journey, Hope you cards are never swiped in E-Challan machine.

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