Drink and Drive Fines Penalties in Mumbai

“DO NOT DRINK and DRIVE, the mission by Mumbai Traffic police department for road safety started on 28th June 2007 (5 years now) brought good results because of the strict rules, penalties and fines for first and second time offenders. Let see what are the alcohol level and related fines and how Mumbai city getting safer since then..”

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Anti Drink Drive Mission - Traffic Police Mumbai

Anti Drink Drive Mission - Traffic Police Mumbai

The Anti Drink and Drive Campaign in Mumbai

Mumbai traffic police got strict with road offences, when it came to road and driver safety along with the other pedestrians walking along. According to the news in leading news papers in city, here is what is the status as of 2012 :

  • Anti Drink and Drive campaign started in June 2007.
  • About 15 crores and more is collected as fines and penalties from drunk drivers (First and Second time offence included).
  • As of 2012, second time offenders have a good result with drastic reduction, Yet first timers rise is up.
  • Police patrolling on drunk drivers is regular. They watch two wheelers, four wheelers and other vehicles specially on weekends and festivals as this are the major days of celebration and drink driving cases in city.
  • Breathalyzers are used to check the alcohol level, this device can read total mg of alcohol present per 100 ml of blood, immediate results are shows if the driver is drink or not.
  • Traffic police create awareness via SMS alerts, hoardings and other flash media advertising’s on road. They just need road safety that’s it.
  • About approximate 77000 cases registered till then, about 42000 of such drunk drivers are kept for 6 month simple imprisonment jail and above 37000 licenses are suspended in this mission till date.
  • Finally the awareness and strict fines, jail punishments are giving good results and its major of first timers who are caught now.
Alcohol Level Fines and penalties
Alcohol Level Fines penalties and Jail
150 mg or above per 100 ml blood First time offence charged Rs.5000 and 2 years imprisonment. Repeated offence within 3 years Rs.10000 fine plus 4 years jail.
60 to 150 mg per 100 ml blood 1 year imprisonment and/or Rs.4000 fine. Second and repeated offence attracts 3 years jail and/or Rs.8000 fine.
30 to 60 mg alcohol per 100 ml blood Rs.2000 or/and 6 months jail.
30 mg or lower per 100 ml Offence is not considered at this level of alcohol in blood.

Now, a note and request from us : Why would you or anyone of us want to give fines and land into jail for our own safety ? Think on it, what are the after effects of an accident, who cries ? So keep a driver or friend who is not drunk even you are enjoying alcohol at your best.

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