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“Yearly festival at Mahim Dargah (Also Called Mosque) since 1431, At burial of Makhtoom Fakir Ali Paru (Makhdoom Ali Mahimi), a famous Qazi of Mahim, is 12 days long event starts every December 20th with festive attractions like Qawaalis, Sufi music and Lectures along with food stalls and fun and fair ..”

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Mahim Dargah in Mumbai

Mahim Dargah in Mumbai

Mahim Dargah Specialty

Makhdoom Ali Mahimi was born on 10th Muharram 776 Hijri (1372 A.D.), This Dargah was built in 1431 by ‘Sultan Ahmed Shah’ from Gujarat state of India at burial location of Makhdoom Ali Mahimi who came to Mumbai some 600 years before. He was a Qazi (Islamic Preacher) of Mahim and known for his knowledge about Islam and Quran. Sir Mahimi was also known for his writing with a liberal thought with Humane approach to world and in his views. This is one of the famous Dargah’s around India and All India Ulema Council and many other Islamic organizations have great support and faith for this Mosque in Mumbai.

Yearly Festival and Events At Dargah

Starts at 20th December every year since 1920, Hazrat Makhdoom Fakih Ali Mahimi Trust who manages this spiritual dargah organizes fun and fair during these 12 days festive with events like Dance, Lecture and more. Now since year 2011 and from 2012 they will preach strict Islamic law when it comes to considering Film Dance and Songs. Trust and managing committee member believes in following Anti-Shariah (Islamic laws) during all the festival dates at this Dargah. Anti Shariah means activities not allowed according to Islamic laws and some of them are loud Hindi film music, dance etc.

Instead they will perform Nath Shariat (poems in praise of the prophet) at pakh Mahimi dargah, Also as Sufism allows Qawwalis (A Special Singing Concert and Indian Folk) and so it can be performed during festival. Sufi Music and Qawwalis will be performed by special Qawwals coming from other known states like Hydrabad and Banglore cities. These Qawwali program is heartily arranged by Mumbai police at Mahim police station as Makhdoom Ali Mahimi baba was also Patron and Famous saint between police of Mumbai since years, who are also among very few who offers first ‘chadar’ and ‘sandal’ (sandal is made up of incense sticks and scent, and other paste made up of sandalwood) to baba at this dargah every year. Every year this festive at Mahim attracts Lakhs of devotees from Mumbai and Other states of India and tourist who visit Mumbai for vacations can take the pride to attend the same to understand the Islamic events of Mumbai. Last year (2011) about 5 Lakh visitors, which comes to half a million devotees attended these 12 days events.

Apart from all these every year along with Fun and Fair which has about hundreds of Food and eatery stalls and stalls for toys, balloons etc, Mahimi trust also keeps ‘Langar’ which is free food distribution to all who attends baba’s dargah. This is something which is considered good cause to Humanity and Mahim Dargah Trust does this always. More about Mahimi baba here.

Address, Map and How to Reach Mahim Dargah

H M A Fakir Street, Off Swatantrya Veer Savarkar Marg, Mahim West, Land Mark – Near Mahim Shrine, Mumbai – 400016.

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