Mumbai Mithi River – Mahim Creek Mithi Nadi

“Mahim’s Mithi Nadi (River) the saviour of Mumbai from Monsoon havoc is always in news headlines before monsoon starts. Lets understand some significance and importance of Mithi river for city..”

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Mithi Nadi (River) - Mumbai

Mithi Nadi (River) - Mumbai

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About Mahim Creek, The Mithi River Of Mumbai

Mahim Creek (Also known as Mithi Nadi) by Mumbai people is the only river connected all the way from Vihar Lake towards Powai Lake and Reaching Arabian Sea. It is the only Creek which balances the water level of Mumbai during heavy rainfall and during Mumbai monsoon time. Its almost 16 to 17 kilometers long and this river mainly takes away the waste being the biggest drainage channel of Mumbai and many people things and takes it solely as drainage nadi of Mumbai to discharge all the industrial, residential and other factory waste. One can see picture of Mithi river for the same and if wants to know where is mithi river then just travel in local train between Bandra and Dadar as train crosses mithi nadi looking Black and smelling the waste.

Because of all the illegal waste and garbage this river creates horrifying situation like flood in Mumbai, creating blockage by plastic bags and other material stucked in the river. Biggest Flood in Mumbai was on 26th July 2006 which came around a century after its previous one and since then BMC has taken Mithi river very seriously and the cleaning process is taken place regularly, but still not exactly as needed as it drains away the waste and excess from major other water sources like Powai & tulsi lake, Kurla, Kalina, BKC, Dharavi and Mahim itself into the main Arabian sea.

How to reach Mumbai River

Reaching Mumbai river is easy as its Nearest location is Bandra as its between bandra and mahim station (Western Railway), One can get an Auto for same or can have a look just by traveling in local train towards Churchgate which moves from the Creek.

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