Jivdani Mata Temple Virar – North Mumbai Famous Jivdani Temple On Mountain

“All about the famous Jivdani Mata (Godess) temple located at Virar (North Mumbai) which is known for beautiful temple on Mountain. See the details, specialty, pictures and videos and other details like food and accommodation facilities by temple and how to reach details..”

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Jivdani Temple Virar
Jivdani Temple Virar

Jivdani Details

Jivdani (Which Means Goddess Of Life), Where Jiva (means Life), A very beautiful and famous temple of godess jivdani (Also called ‘Jivdani mata’) on pyramid like shaped mountain far away at North Mumbai (Thane District). This temple is one of very famous temple among hindu community. Their are very few temples in India which are on top of any Mountain and Jivdani being one of such beautiful temple, People from very long distance come here and visit Godess and take ‘DARSHAN’. Total footsteps to climb are 1300 and are very safe. Alternately their is a rope way that charges Rs.150/- (Including Return Fare) as of day that is very helpful for old age and elderly people who have joint problems in Knees. The Charges for just return fare if you thought you are tired and want to use Rope way is Rs.50 only.

Food and Accommodation

The Jivdani trust foundation has recently made lots of convenience for those who visit this temple from far/long distance. Their is a ‘prasad thali’ facilities that cost as cheap as Rs.10/- in day time lunch hours. Accommodation facilities are also under construction which will help people with overnight stay option to enjoy the mountains and the beautiful open view around. For now one needs to stay at two famous hotels which are Hotel Lake view and Hotel Sai Needhi both connected to Virar Railway Station in East. The distance from Virar station to Jivdani is about 5 kms which can be reaching via share / private auto, details listed below.

For food their are 3 to 4 small restaurants on top and in mid of climbing ideal for snacks and tea/coffee break. At place where footsteps starts their is a Good restaurant where you get proper lunch like punjabi dish and pav bhaji etc, along with tea, cofee, soft drink beverage.

Temple Specialty

People are attracted to this Temple for one main reason being its on Top of mountain, Its a fun to climb those 1300 footsteps early morning or after 5:00 PM in evening, with friends and relatives. Another specialty being the scenic aerial view (See Video Below) from the peak top of Mountain. Complete Virar can be seen till far stations like Vasai Road etc. The beautiful sunset view is not to be missed when in evening, it adds a charm to the wide arabian sea at far ends that can be seen from this Jivdani temple mountain.

Previously it was believed that Godess Jivdani will be happy if you sacrifice a hen at the sacrifice section which is behind side of temple and their use to be lots of blood spots and smell around which was seen uncomfortable to tourist and others. Since last decade the ritual of sacrificing life of goat or hen to Life saver Mata Jivdani has been stopped and the place now is neat and clean to visit at any time.

The back view from Jivdani temple mountain has another scenic view that shows Vaitarna River and small small villages like chandansar and Shirgaon along with small ponds and lush greenery on other nearer mountains. Jivdani being the famous mountain even attracted Paragliders before, which now flies at adjacent mountains located at near by village like Shirgaon. Also if seen properly one can see the chandansar road on backside of mountain that connects the western express highway.

The Breezy climate take’s off all our stress of climbing this mountain. especially Jivdani temple has the most beautiful view during monsoon when grennery is all around, not just on mountains but from as far as one can see from that Aerial view. Next, You will find many shops selling things used in rituals ‘pooja saaman’ like coconut, Red cloth, Sweet used as an offerings to goddess. You will see many people bare footed, many lighting candles on every steps (on All 1300 steps), drawing swastik etc on every foot steps. The self belief and promise to fulfill doing such things for Goddess Jivdani if a person gains/gets whatever he requested in life is what makes this mountain temple unique.

Location Address and How to Go/Reach Jivdani Mata Mandir

Main Station : Virar (Extreme North End and Last Station)
Route : Western Railway
Distance : About 65 to 70 kms (See Road Distance Mumbai to Virar)
How to reach from Virar Station : Get Down in EAST side and their are Share Auto’s charging Rs.7/- per head till Jivdani Footsteps below. Alternately a private auto may charge upto Rs.50 also. (IMPORTANT NOTE : Auto Do not charge according to Meter like in Mumbai, Meter Do not work here and fixed charges are applied)
Recommended Season and Time : All 12 months are ok to visit this temple. Best time in a day is between Early morning 4:30 and 7:00 or Evening after 4:00 Pm.
Special Day : Sunday being the special day for Jivdani Mata, Crowd is more compared. Also Virar being a tourist spot now, Trains are too crowded.

Jivdani Videos

Aerial View From jivdani Mountain

Monkey’s On Mountain

Places Near Jivadani Mata Mandir/Temple

Papadkhandi Damn (Not very Safe if traveling alone), Small Old Fort Of Shivaji Maharaj Next Mountain, Famous Beach called ‘Arnala‘ with Resorts like Anand Resort virar, Swagat resort Virar, Sea Lord Resort, C Beach Resort, L D Resort etc.