How to Get Liquor Permits in Mumbai – Legal Process to Get Alcohol License

“With strict rules, Getting valid permits and drinking license is a must for every individual who plans to drink any kind of liquor, be it a hard drinks, wines or chill beer. Getting Alcohol license is a must if you want to consume, purchase, transport or posses alcohol in Mumbai city, Lets see the legal process of getting liquor license, how and where to apply and other details..”

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Chilled Beer

Chilled Beer

Documents Required to Apply For Liquor Permit License

Below is the required document checklist if you plan to get valid drinking license or permits for any kind of possession, consumption or transport of alcohol in city.


  • Permanent Residential Address Proof
  • Court Stamp of Rs.5 Which is available at any court or stationery and xerox shops near around court premises. You can contact you local advocate if at all they have kept any spare so you don’t need to run to nearby courts.
  • 2 Photographs, One photograph (25mm by 35 mm Stamp size) and Other one passport sized
  • Valid Photo ID Proof xerox copies (Driving License or Passport or PAN Card)
Permit and License Charges in Mumbai
  • Rupees 100 (Yearly License)
  • Rupees 1000 (Lifetime Permit)
  • Rupees 5 (One Day Permit for Foreign Liquor)
Legal Process

The applicant should be of age 25 and above to get a valid license, Next question is where to get the form ? Here at local wine shop or directly from Old Custom house in Mumbai fort location. Alternately liquor permit forms are also available online. After filling the form you need to submit it to Old Custom House. From their onwards you will come to know when and how they will reply and follow ups etc.

Keep a note that the excise customs office timings are 11:00 AM to 3:30 PM only, with lunch timings being 1:15 PM to 2:00 PM. So alternately you can collect you license and permits from a local wine shop too, check with your nearest wine shop to get more details on how to get this liquor license easily if they can help you save some time with the legal process. Remember, getting such license if very vital and important as the Bombay prohibition act of 1949 has rules on liquor consumption and purchase, also check out the drink and drive penalties are getting strict in city.

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