Matheran Mini Toy Train and CST Neral Timetable – Mumbai

“One who is not used to Mumbai travel via local trains needs to take proper care and refer correct timetable to reach Matheran, First route will be from Mumbai CST to Neral Station and From then is the Mini Toy Train that takes you to Hill station of Matheran. Below are timetable for both to reach correct destination properly..”

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Matheran's Mini Toy Train
More Pictures Of Matheran’s Mini Toy Train

Mumbai CST to Neral Train Timetable
02:45 Am07:35 Am13:30 Pm18:55 Pm
03:57 Am08:08 Am14:15 Pm19:57 Pm
04:52 Am08:35 Am14:39 Pm20:59 Pm
05:10 Am09:20 Am15:32 PM21:35 Pm
05:33 Am09:59 Am16:30 Pm22:12 Pm
06:04 Am10:10 Am17:05 Pm22:57 Pm
06:53 Am11:13 Am17:35 Pm 
07:14 Am12:23 Am18:37 Pm 
Neral to Mumbai CST Train Timetable
02:45 Am11:13 Am12:23 Pm18:37 Pm
03:57 Am07:35 Am13:30 Pm18:55 Pm
04:52 Am08:08 Am14:15 Pm19:57 Pm
05:10 Am08:35 Am14:39 Pm20:59 Pm
05:33 Am09:20 Am15:32 Pm21:35 Pm
06:04 Am09:59 Am16:30 Pm22:12 Pm
06:53 Am10:10 Am17:05 Pm22:57 Pm
07:14 Am17:35 Pm  
Toy Train Timings

Neral to Matheran Toy Train TimetableMatheran to Neral Toy Train Timetable
07:30 Am07:30 Am
08:50 Am09:50 Am
10:15 Am01:40 Pm
11:35 Am
(Only Saturday and Sunday)
02:45 Pm
(Only Saturday and Sunday)
05:00 Pm04:25 Pm
More Train Schedules

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