Tactile garden Of Mumbai For Visually Impaired (Blinds) at Byculla Zoo

“The beauty of gardens and the plants and colorful flowers has always been a dream of visually impaired (blind) people, The natural gift of god is the beautiful colors that these gardens carry is now no more a impaired for this special people. Our Mumbai Byculla zoo is coming up with Tactile garden in its largest 53 acres plot reserved for plants and gardens of various type..”

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Byculla Zoo Tactile Garden

Byculla Zoo Tactile Garden (Not Actual Zoo Pic)

Will the visually impaired start seeing this beautiful garden, their colors etc ? No, but the impressing plans inside zoo garden has something that will really bring cheer on these faces. With BMC (Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation) is an active organization called ‘Save Rani Bagh Botanical Garden‘ who is celebrating the 150th year of our own Mumbai zoo and the plans are laid out for 3 different types of Gardens out of which tactile garden is one.

Even if those sweet blind people cannot see, they have naturally enhanced other senses out of which smell is one. BMC and this organization will be planning and planting plants like Kunti, lemon trees and Climbers which is known for its natural fragrance when anyone passes by this plants. This are also medicinal plants, for example the Climbers which is also called ‘Lasuni Veil’ which will have smell of garlic (lasun in Hindi) and lots of other flower plants which this people can touch feel and enjoy the fragrance, which are just few examples of those 400 plants already preserved at St Xavier’s college’s Blatter Herbarium which are coming up in Byculla zoo. Along with natural environment for everyone, a sure reason that will get some more smile on visually impaired people in and around Mumbai.

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