Medicinal Garden Of Mumbai at Byculla Zoo – Garden With Herbs Shrubs Of Medicinal Valu

“A great new for those science and medical students who will have a huge new live laboratory to touch feel and get to know the beautiful herbs and day to day usage plants that have medicinal values, Our Byculla zoo (Also Called Rani Baug, the Jijamata Udhyan) is coming up to 3 new gardens among which medicinal garden is one of the in 53 acres open plot reserved..”

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Medicinal Garden at Byculla Zoo

Medicinal Garden at Byculla Zoo

‘Save Rani Baug Committee’ along with BMC of Mumbai bringing up 3 green gardens inside the huge reserved plot of byculla zoo as the revamp project of the special year that is completing 150 years of our Mumbai zoo which is a home of above 3000 varieties of trees of 286 species and a mixture of 850 medicinal and non-medicinal plants at the biggest garden plot of Mumbai.

Plants that have medicinal values such as sabja, lemongrass, shatavari, brahmi, Tulsi are few to be listed amoung hundreds of others. This will be kind of live laboratory to experiment and learn the values of various shrubs and the curing element each have, a wow factor for all those medical students and other science students in schools and colleges. For sure schools will start taking students as one day picnic to zoo which makes them known to such natural herbs that can be used in day to day life, such quick cure natural herbs has medicinal values since thousands of years when our so called ‘Rishi Muni’ use to explore such natural plants and flowers having such medicinal values.

Whats more, Zoo committee is already working on same and the garden will be wide open to public at bare minimum cost, with timings as be byculla zoo as usual. Every plant will have a info board that will list the name of the herb/shrubs with its medicinal benefits and use in day to day life, this will sure take byculla zoo on top of natural heritage list. More upcoming is the Tactile garden for blinds and Butterfly garden in very short time of 2012 year.

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