Butterfly Garden inside Byculla Zoo Of Mumbai – Special Garden For Butterflies

“Mumbai is getting is first of the kind butterflies garden which will be inside Byculla Zoo. The revamp of Byculla Garden project will bring 3 new gardens inside wide 53 acres green land which will be Medicinal, Tactile Garden and the wonderfully attractive garden attracting thousands of Butterflies of various species inside Zoo..”

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Butterfly Garden Zoo

Butterfly Garden Zoo

Get ready to explore the green land of butterflies inside Mumbai Zoo which along with other 2 new gardens will open doors to hundreds of new species of butterflies and will be soon open to public as part of regular zoo. The timings will be same as the main gate entrance of zoo, with timeless entry for new tiny colorful butterflies.

Zoo committee is making special arrangements to attract lots of new butterflies in this dedicated garden section by planting nectarine and new flood plants and flowers that produces honey and other things that will get this little species in group. Till date their was no such garden in Mumbai and this will be the very first of such type. Along with them will be attracted all caterpillars too which will gave a beautiful view to zoo open as public garden with minimum fares/fees to get in.

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