Gutkha (Gutka) Paan Masala Banned Since 2012 – Mumbai

“State’s FDA (Food and Drug Administration) department got strict in 2012 and have banned products categorized as Gutkha (Gutka) and Paan masala as it contains tobacco, magnesium carbonate and nicotine which is highly unhealthy for human health. Effective 20th July 2012, Fines and Jail for those manufacturing and selling such products in Mumbai and around Maharashtra..”

Gutkha Paan Masala Products

Gutkha Paan Masala Products

A Healthy Step Banning Unhealthy Gutkha

Many government organizations and NGO’s will support and keep and eye on the sellers and manufacturers of Paan masala’s at those local Paan shops and other stores around Mumbai who were previously selling dangerous tobacco products which creates mouth cancer and makes city unhygienic, dirty with red spots spits in public places. Police along with transport department and municipal corporations have joined hands to stop any activity and movement with such products around Mumbai and all over Maharashtra.

Eating Gutkha (Or Gutka) or related tobacco product is an addictive habit and people eats multiple times a day. The satisfaction is somewhat similar like smoking as it contains nicotine, tobacco and magnesium carbonate, all very unhealthy for human body. According to news and global adult survey on consumption of tobacco, Maharashtra is on top ranking when it comes to consuming paan masala where 43% of men and 19% of women (adult) consumes and are addicted to Gutka and Tobacco products.

Equal death ration of men and women by tobacco cancer is seen. Our Maharashtra state earns about rupees 100 crores in tax revenue income solely from gutkha and paan masala products with Industry doing more than Rs.300 crore business only in Maharashtra state and Mumbai too contributes a larger share of that amount.

In the year 2011, FSSA (Food Safety and Standards Act) which came into existence initiated a step to remove unhealthy addictive products and keep city and people healthy. As per news, 208 were the number of food safety inspectors patrolling to catch hold of sellers of tobacco products, which DO NOT include Cigarettes and Bidis as it do not fall in that category as per supreme court orders. Below detailed are the fines and prison actions which are already in effect.

Another great move was during January 2013 was the banned of tobacco and gutka products in BEST buses of Mumbai (and now at every public place). This is one of the required move to keep the city clean and hygienic.

Gutkha Paan Masala Selling Fines Penalties

Penalties of Gutka guilty sellers will have to pay high fines of Rs.25000 to Rs.200000 and/or Jail up to 6 Months. Now how can we help our government and authorities like police and Consumer guidance society to help with the BAN ? Below are the Helpline numbers for same.

Gutka Tobacco Seized by FDA in Mumbai

Upon ban on such products, FDA found Tobacco products inside city and were caught and fined. As per leading newspapers and media below are the seizure details.

Trains that carry gutka were checked and long distance trains like Mumbai Firozpur Janta Express, Pushpak Express coming from Lucknow to CST, August Kranti Rajdhani Express coming from New Delhi to Mumbai Central, Udyan Express from Bangalore to CST found ferrying tobacco products carried by unknown source.

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Seizure Date Gutkha Worth Seized From
18th December 2012 3.5 Lakhs CST
21st December 2012 10.7 Lakhs CST
22nd December 2012 14.17 Lakhs CST
23rd December 2012 2.38 Lakhs CST station
24th December 2012 5 Lakhs Mumbai Central
3rd January 2013 5.25 Lakhs Mumbai Central


  • FDA helplines : 022 – 26591249 / 26592207
  • FDA Toll Free Contact : 1800-112100
  • Consumer Guidance Society Toll Free : 1800-222262

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