Road Safety Guidelines – Mumbai | Simple Guidelines for Drivers and Pedestrians on Road

“Mumbai is one of the high road traffic city of India, and in such situations taking road safety on priority should be the 1st thing drivers as well as pedestrians should know. Following simple guidelines strictly may save you and others life, below are few things to keep in mind when on Mumbai roads..”

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Guidelines for Road Safety

Guidelines for Road Safety

Guidelines for Pedestrians
  • Be a obedient civilian and the kids will learn from you, this is for the safety of them too. Below listed guidelines will sure help.
  • Starting with the most important and most ignored thing causes major accidents, Mobile texting while crossing road or looking at those attracting hoarding and talking with friends while crossing the road, or just reading the newspaper which is commonly called jaywalking may be fatal.
  • Walking on main carriageway may be fatal, Be on safer side and Do not walk their.
  • Latest road developments by MMRDA and BMC have given facilities like skywalks, footpath (Although not everywhere) and subways at major traffic locations in Mumbai, which helps elderly and kids to cross roads safely. This also helps drivers to be away or less interact with pedestrians which brings in safety. So why not use the same, if climbing few steps of subway and skywalks may bring safety then why not keep Mumbai roads safe.
  • Educate kids and help yourself with habit like seeing on both directions of road while crossing. Many times habitually people look just one way and cross the road, haven’t you seen the TV commercial of famous Tyre which titles ‘Our Roads Are Filled With Idiots’ and which is true, people do ignore signals and drive in opposite direction (wrong way) and if our habits are not effective, we might get injured due to such idiots.
  • To take the above guideline further, lets make a common sense habit of walking Opposite traffic side of road if pedestrian walk is not available, So we can see what is coming from front and help ourselves.
Guidelines for Drivers

If you are a newbie and just got your freedom license to drive, DO NOT get excited and make you first city drive the last. Chances are you may hurt others or come with an accident because of less experience. Why not drive safer with lower speed for few hundreds kms ? Follow the basic driving traffic rules which you learned and follow the traffic rules seriously.

  • If on Bike, make sure you wear a helmet. Pillion riders are more prone to deaths as seen in news related road accidents, so why not give an helmet to them too.
  • Ride Safely, Fuel tank is very dangerous for kids. Don’t ignore safety and think nothing happens and children may hold the mirror bar safely and seat on fuel tanks firmly.
  • Seat belts are made for some purpose, use it. Nothing comes suddenly in your way with prior phone call. Emergency brakes or confusion may be fetal for you and other seating next to you.
  • Parking on road side may welcome damage or may be more dangerous too, Avoid it and use pay and park. Yes its also true that parking facilities in our Mumbai city is not that good, its hard to get into market lanes like Bhuleshwar etc, Yet till BMC plans something take care of your own safety.
  • Carry important documents along with your driving license with you always, Traffic Police are more sticker compare to past when it comes to rash and drink driving, Checking the documents are strictly done now then before due to increasing road offense.
  • Zebra crossing are the only way to cross for pedestrians when vehicles moves fast, Slow down or stop when required.
  • You phone may be smart, Yet texting or talking while driving may be fatal. Their is no smartphone yet developed that may save you from the road accidents.
  • High speed is fun yet Mumbai city is not the correct place as every other turn have people, hawkers and those idiots (you know who), Chasing or rash driving due to speed is a direct ticket to hell. Most roads have indicators which shows speed limit, please adhere to same.

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