Western and Central Suburbs Shopping Malls in Mumbai

“Shopping is Mumbai’s favourite during any outing, Say it a window shopping or actual purchasing. Malls are the most attractions when it comes to brands monsoon sale, Discounts and offers and July being Mumbai Citizens most awaiting month due to Major sale, Discounts and offers (Up to & Flat 50%) at Various Major Malls. This page will detail all such malls in Western and Central Suburbs of Mumbai with possible brands and stores inside..”

Infinity Mall Malad Link Road Full Size Panoramic Picture Here.

Download and Print (Dates of Monsoon Sale, Discount and Offers for 2016)

Monsoon Sale 2016

Monsoon Sale 2016

Disclaimer : Monsoon Sale Dates May Vary, Information Source Social Media

Shopping Mall Inorbit at Malad, Western Suburb of Mumbai

Companies Doing Shopping Business in Mumbai

Shopping Companies Name & RelatedGroup/Chain NameViews
Shoppers StopShoppers Stop25341Times
HypercityShoppers Stop2886Times
HomestopShoppers Stop4865Times
Infiniti Shopping MallInfiniti1755Times
Atria Shopping MallAtria1223Times
Pantaloons Shopping MallPantaloons11242Times
Center One Shopping MallCenter One1115Times
City Centre Shopping MallCity Centre1293Times
Orchid City Centre Shopping MallOrchid City Centre1461Times
Sobo Centre Shopping MallSobo Centre1517Times
The Hub Shopping MallThe Hub1087Times
Cross Road Shopping Mall 2Cross Road972Times
Earth Castle Shopping MallEarth Castle1188Times
Eastern Shopping MallEastern772Times
E Shopping MallE Mall777Times
Eternity Shopping MallEternity907Times
Fun Republic Shopping MallFun Republic951Times
Fun Zone Shopping MallFun Zone1508Times
Globus Shopping MallGlobus1824Times
Kalaghoda Shopping MallKalaghoda Mall1104Times
Haiko Shopping MallHaiko Mall988Times
High Street Phoenix Shopping MallHigh Street Phoenix1238Times
Huma Shopping MallHuma Mall849Times
Hypercity Shopping MallHypercity1455Times
Inorbit Shopping MallInorbit Mall1511Times
Lake City Shopping MallLake City Mall939Times
Kbn Shopping MallKBN1348Times
Leo Shopping MallLeo Mall845Times
Nakshatra Shopping MallNakshatra Mall1198Times
Nirmal Lifestyle Shopping MallNirmal Lifestyle892Times
Platinum Shopping MallPlatinum Mall937Times
Prime Shopping MallPrime Mall877Times
Quorum Shopping MallQuorum Mall1126Times
Raghuleela Mega Shopping MallRaghuleela Mega Mall1065Times
Akruti Shopping MallAkruti1058Times
Akruti One World Shopping MallAkruti One World Mall1089Times
Akruti Shopping Mall ThaneAkruti Mall Thane920Times
City Centre Shopping Mall VashiCity Centre Vashi818Times
Fantasia Shopping Mall VashiFantasia Vashi1220Times
Dreams The Shopping MallDreams The Mall776Times
Palm Beach Galleria Vashi MallPalm Beach Galleria Vashi793Times
Evershine Shopping MallEvershine Mall746Times
Mega Shopping MallMega Mall884Times
Milan Dynamix Shopping MallMilan Dynamix861Times
Nirmal Lifestyle 2 Shopping MallNirmal Lifestyle791Times
Oberoi Shopping MallOberoi Mall1029Times
Living Point Shopping MallLiving Point667Times
Kalpataru Shopping MallKalpataru917Times
Hi Life Shopping MallHI LIFE Mall889Times
Lee ShowroomsLee2108Times

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