9 Colors Of Navratri 2016 to Follow – 9 Days Dress Colors

“This year 2017, Navratri festival brings 9 colors, all different from last year 2016 day wise colours. Every year just before few days of Celebrating Navratri (The Nav-Durga Festival) which last for 9 days, People in Mumbai and around India are excited to know day wise nine colours to follow and same 9 colors dress to wear for each day, be it going for job or dancing dandiya and garba every navratri nights at famous venues in Mumbai. Below are those 9 day colors according to Hindu Tithi’s (rituals and belief) for this year 2017 to follow along with other details like sanskrit names and importance of Navratri days..”

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Navratri Garbo

Navratri Garbo

The Belief and Trending Fashion Craze of 9 Days Color Dresses to Wear
Trust me, every year my wife is excited to know which are the 9 colors to be followed and same colored dresses to wear this year too, and so is this post which will be updated every year. The fun part is the working women in Mumbai who are the most excited to discuss these dress colors, be it during gossip time office or in ladies coaches of Mumbai local trains, they start the discussion of what accessories to wear and ask each other about if the leading newspaper of Mumbai like Mid-Day, Mumbai Mirror, DNA, Hindustan Times and Other Times Group newspaper have put up and article about those nine colors. Its tradition and fun to discuss and talk about such topic of Garba dance of Navratri and clothing trends for the festive season.

Maharashtra times, States leading Marathi Newspaper (Times Group) every year declared 9 colors of dresses and if you are follower of same, Below is the colors declared by them for each 9 days. This colors are followed by Cities like Mumbai, Pune, Nashik, Nagpur, Aurangabad, Kolhapur and Jalgaon.

First day is called the ‘Ghatsthapana’ day, when Gujarati and other community people get ‘Garbo’ at home, which is basically a Pot with multiple holes, nicely colored and decorated. According to Hindu culture, this day Maa Amba ( Durga ) comes to our home in the form of ‘Garbo’ and stays with us for next nine days to give blessing. More details on Navratri Garbo is also available so have a look.

Importance of these 9 days and Tithi names in Sanskrit

These 9 days as per ancient hindu mythology are auspicious navratri days called ‘Tithi’ which starts at Day 1 and Ends at 9th day. Below are the sanskrit names of this Tithi days.

1st DayPratipada
2nd DayDwitiya
3rd DayTritiya
4th DayChaturthi
5th DayPanchami
6th DaySashti
7th DaySaptami
8th DayAshtami
9th DayNavami

9 Days Dress Colors This Year 2017

-321 days left to plan your 9 days dress / saree colours for this year 2017 and i am sure below details will sure help you. Before That i highly recommend you to get in loop with us on Google+ for next year 2018 list as soon it comes.

Date Navratri Day Pratipada Day Colour
1st October 2016 1st Day Pratipada RED
2nd October 2016 2nd Day Dwitiya ROYAL BLUE
3rd October 2016 3rd Day Tritiya YELLOW
4th October 2016 4th Day Chaturthi GREEN
5th October 2016 5th Day Panchami GREY
6th October 2016 6th Day Sashti ORANGE
7th October 2016 7th Day Saptami WHITE
8th October 2016 8th Day Ashtami PINK
9th October 2016 9th Day Navami SKY BLUE

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Previous Year 2016 Colors

Below is the printable chat for all those who followed the 9 days colors of clothes / navratri dresses to be followed at you job and dandiya nights.

9 Colors For Navratri October 2015

9 Colors For Navratri October 2015

Day 1 Red Color Dress 2015Day 2 Blue Color Dress 2015Day 3 Yellow Color Dress 2015Day 4 Green Color Dress 2015Day 5 Grey Color Dress 2015Day 6 Orange Color Dress 2015Day 7 White Color Dress 2015Day 8 Pink Color Dress 2015Day 9 Sky Blue Color Dress 2015

Previous Year 2014

Mumbai Corporate  Girls On Navratri Green Color Day

Mumbai Corporate Girls On Navratri Green Color Day

Group Wearing Red Color Day Dress

Group Wearing Red Color Day Dress

This year the first day of Navratri festival lands on 25th September 2014 bringing the first color of season YELLOW. Following Dwitiya, the ‘Chandra Darshan’ on 26th, second day bring you the Eco Friendly GREEN Color. Tritiya, which mean the 3rd day coming on 27th bring the color GREY which is a combination of Color Black and White. On 28th of September is Chaturthi which is 4th Day with radiating color ORANGE. Next is Panchami, the 5th Day on 29th which this year can be shown as the most peaceful day if you wear your dress with color WHITE. Shashthi, the 6th Day on 30th makes few females happy who loves their dress color to be RED. Saptami, the 7th day is on 1st Of October and girls / women can be seen around Mumbai in trains ladies compartment and offices wearing ROYAL BLUE Color dress, this is one of the beautiful colors most suited on fair skin. 2nd October is Durga Astami, the Saraswati Puja day and color of the day is PINK (This can be dark or baby pink). The 9th day of Navratri in Mumbai i.e Navami is considered the last day to dance and enjoy. Those females who are able to adjust which office hours will leave early to enjoy the Garbas and Dandiya ras till late night wearing color PURPLE, which will be color of last day. Finally on 4th October is Vijaya Dashami and this day has no special color, Still we can see our city en lighted with multi-color wears. Below is the Printable Version.

  1. Day 1 (Thursday) 25th September 2014 : YELLOW
  2. Day 2 (Friday) 26th September 2014 : GREEN
  3. Day 3 (Saturday) 27th September 2014 : GREY
  4. Day 4 (Sunday) 28th September 2014 : ORANGE
  5. Day 5 (Monday) 29th September 2014 : WHITE
  6. Day 6 (Tuesday) 30th September 2014 : RED
  7. Day 7 (Wednesday) 1st October 2014 : ROYAL BLUE
  8. Day 8 (Thursday) 2nd October 2014 : PINK
  9. Day 9 (Friday) 3rd October 2014 : PURPLE

Printable Copy Below

Navratri Dress Colors 2014

Navratri Dress Colors 2014

Dance Steps Video For 9 Days
A small try to help you with beautiful Navratri dance steps in 3 videos when you wear those colorful dress, Hope you like it..

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