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“If you are a pet lover and planning to buy one with your hard earned money in inflated city Mumbai, then wait a moment. Alternate pet adoption for a dog or kitten may be a better option for both the current owner and adopter. Below is how one can adopt a beautiful little pet for home in Mumbai, Yearly pet fair by WFA called ‘Adoptathon’ make a difference with their 2 days event every year..”

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Pet Adoption in City

Pet Adoption in City

Adoption Fair by NGO ‘World For All’ called ‘Adoptathan’

Started in 2011 by and NGO working towards betterment of stray animals who can be a good pets for homes, WFA (World For All) got a success at Bandra Fair for PETS and this year the adoption numbers are likely to increase as the daily calls for adopting a stray pup or kitten irrespective of asking more details on the breeds has increased from 1 Call per day in 2010 to about 50 calls every day at WFA. The response and growth of this organization for such a beautiful work is such that now monthly they do about 60 sterilizations and attend about 100 to 120 calls for medical challenges and emergencies related to stray dogs and kittens with an average adoption figure of 2 per day which is about 60 monthly.

This year in 2012 the fair is at Bandra Hindu Association Hall on 25th November 2012, Sunday were about hundreds of different breeds of stray dogs and cats will be available for take home and give better life. This animal welfare organization call this yearly fair as ‘ADOPTATHON’, an event organized specially for getting shelter and good life to the order adhering and beloved Indian strays by Ruchi Nadkarni who founded WFA and Tanya Swetta from id8 media solutions. Every day many such animals are rescued from lanes and streets of Mumbai and sent to pet care and shelter homes like BSPCA., this kind of fairs in Bandra helps to share load of such shelters and is one of the great jobs as humanity done by such NGO’s. The Fair experienced more then 1500 visitors in previous year ADOPTHATHON event with about 120 pets getting new home and care takers and this year the figures expected to soar.

Fair 2013 : This year fair has been scheduled on 23rd and 24th November 2013 at Bandra Hindu Association Hall at Bandra Linking Road in West, Timings for same will be 10:00 Am till 6:00 Pm with about 150 adoption options (Dogs and Kittens) and multiple set stalls for related sale. Both days 1 bollywood celebrity will be present to support the fair. Entry fees Rs.50, and one needs to carry resident and identification proof.

WFA Contact : +91-9819689890

Requirements of Adoption and Process

No, you don’t need to pay money here like generally one purchases any pet from Crawford Market in Mumbai and other such locations who sell pets commercially. The only requirement to get the lovely pet to your home if to qualify the basic interview and screening process which this NGO takes to ensure the capability, love and capacity of the care taker. They ask about your lifestyle and questions about the family members, any past experience about pets at home, the how big is the space at your home, Location you live, your age and other few legal documents like identity and residential proof etc, Which is quite reasonable and must to make sure the little stray life is going in good hands for betterment.

Adoption agreement has to be signed after reading proper terms and understanding that this dogs and kittens are stray and they explain about the general requirement of pets and expenses that occurs extra upon adoption.

Basic Monthly Expenses Of Pet in Mumbai

Now, this is a very important factor one generally misses before adopting or purchasing a pet, although NGO’s take care of explaining details about same, still here is a small live experience of mine which has to be considered before you adopt. Follow the checklist and guidelines below :

  • Timely Animal Vaccination is a must, Starting from initial injections which saves pup from diseases and also saves the owner of pet from getting influenced by pet diseases to the most important vaccination of Rabies will cost you about approximate Rs.300 to 400 per injection.
  • Most important factor being the time you need to spend extra to take care of the pet in terms of giving bath, food and a daily hangout for about half to one hour.
  • No its not recommend to adopt a dog and then give excuse of your lifestyle saying now i don’t have time to take the puppy out for at least half hour for casual walk. This affects the pet behavior if you don’t.
  • Pet food in Mumbai is available now almost at any nearby pet shop and their are many such shops everywhere. The point here is the expenses of food like pet biscuits, daily milk and some desserts like ice creams etc should be first calculated before adoption.
  • Afford a separate pet care taker at home, or train your pet for potty (Toilet habits) as this can give you night mare for few initial months till the pup is a real big dog who understands and obey your orders.
  • If pet may take your time and you are a work from home guy, Calculate the daily time you need to give up for them. Same applies for home.
  • Check with your owner and society rules if your house is on rent before you go ahead and adopt one.
  • Are you a Vegetarian or Non Vegetarian as not all dogs like to go for Vegetarian diet.
  • Do you have a vet shop around in Mumbai location where you stay ?
  • Does any of your family members have any kind of allergies related to pet. In any case if you bring one, take care of pet hair fall and other hygiene factors.
Bollywood Celebrities and Pet Adoption

Yes, Our Mumbai’s famous celebrities of Bollywood movies are pet lovers like we are. In fact they can afford and adopt more compared to any Mumbai middle class, so if not till now dear Bollywood actors and actresses please do then needful and we would love to see the pet celebrities too… Smile..Smile.. Below are some of the celebrities who has some stray and international breeds at their home.

  • Amitabh Bachchan has some 2 to 3 dogs at Juhu Bunglow.
  • Imran Khan
  • Sohail Khan
  • Dino Morea
  • Diandra Soares
  • Kalki Koechlin
  • Tusshar Kapoor
  • Vanita Omung Kumar

SURE, THEIR MORE THINGS I MISSED … RIGHT ??? Help us with your PET EXPERIENCE and help other friends in Mumbai with your COMMENTS BELOW.

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