CSMVS Shivaji Museum at Fort Mumbai – Formerly Prince Of Wales Museum

“In Mumbai Since 1904, Formerly Called ‘Prince Of Wales’ ( Or Bombay Museum) and Locally pronounced as ‘Chatrapati Shivaji Museum’ of Mumbai is what is the very famous short name ‘CSMVS’ (Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya) one reads in leading newspapers. This museum of one and the only kind for ancient old antiquities, Historic paintings and Art work on various things including weapons used by Raja Shivaji, and that’s why the name ‘Vastu (Things) Sangrahalaya (Museum)’ of the Heroic Indian ‘Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’. Lets understand Museum speciality, Address (How to Reach Fort Address) and other details like Egyptian Mummies kept and upcoming latest updates like all new dedicated Kids Museum etc as major attraction..”

Quick Look : [ Shivaji Museum Specialty and Details ], [ Museum Collections and Attractions ], [ How To Reach Chatrapati Shivaji Museum Fort ], [ Entry Fees and Other Charges ], [ Cameras Pictures Video Rules and Charges ], [ Museum Timings ], [ Complete Address and Contact Details ], [ Events at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Museum ], [ Upcoming Children Museum and Kids Club ], [ Updates ]

Chatrapati Shivaji Vastu Sangrahalaya (Bombay Museum)

Chatrapati Shivaji Vastu Sangrahalaya (Bombay Museum)

Specialty and Details
The Oldest and still the best Mumbai city has, This museum has more then fourty to fifty thousand varieties of ancient artefacts, majorly categorized as natural historic stuff, archaeology and art works from around India. The Major attractions being the Historic weapons used by Shivaji Maharaj and Sena, Those huge iron and still made stuff they use to wear and fight, Yes its a perfect stuff to be kept forever as today’s generation who are not health conscious will understand how those Indian leaders like Chatrapati and its sena use to wear during war and today’s ‘Non healthy’ generation who visits museums can’t even pick up those heavy stuff. Although no one is allowed to touch any of the artefacts. Such museums are kind of inspiration to keep oneself healthy.

Moving ahead one can also see those British times (Presidency) forest rocks, timber and fossils along with the collection of antique minerals kept in group at one corner. Another attraction of this museum since 2008 is the new mythological section having lord Vishnu and Krishna and related art work in varieties. If you are from those who love Archaeological like old weapons, the classic style fishing hooks of the Indus Valley Era, then this section of Museum will sure attract you. Since 1919, the Buddhist collection like Stupa of Mirpurkhas can also be seen here.

For art lovers, their is huge collection and varieties of Mughal paintings, those sultan era and artwork from around India locations like Rajasthan and more. Another attraction and specialty being the old coin collections (Gold and Silver) coins, Those metal wares and stuff made of ivories from Our own Unique India is still available on public display since it started in 1904. Another section shows you the traditional yet textile age traditional and religious collection of India.

The museum’s round tomb building is by itself historic in looks, Tough and still no cracks unlike the recent concrete structure. The beautiful entrance has Gautam Buddha Black colored statue in centre garden place of Museum. When you enter inside a huge space with artefacts along side can be seen with multi-floor spacious structure that makes us feel good having enough ventilation and light. This museum was a welcome gift for ‘Prince of Wales’ who was going to visit Mumbai (then ‘Bombay’) On 22nd June 1904.
Museum Collections
The above section has already briefed you about major collections in Museum, which is all about artifacts, Still below is complete details of collection list inside.

  1. Sculptures : Dvarapala Yaksha, Buddha Visits The Brahmin Kashyapa, Shiva Gana, Shiva, Brahma.
  2. Miniature Paintings : Keshalocha Of Mahavira (Plucking Of Hair), Chanda Talking To A Friend In The Garden, Jahangir Distributing Alms At The Dargah Of Ajmer, Black Buck And Doe, Meeting Of Rama And Parashurama.
  3. Indian Coins : Punch-marked Coins, Coin Of King Menander, Coin Of Chandragupta Ii, Coin Of Emperor Jahangir (1605-1628), Hon Of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.
  4. Far Eastern Art : Ewer With Peacock And Peonies, Table Screen, Bowl, Vase In The Shape Of An Incense Burner, Snuff Bottles.
  5. Arms and Armour : Personal Armour Of Emperor Akbar, Shield Of Emperor Akbar, Types Of Maratha Arms, Two Major Talwars (The Swords).
  6. European Oil Paintings : Bohemian Gypsies, Adoration, Jamsetji N. Tata, The Epiphany Or Adoration Of The Magi, Feeding The Parrot.
  7. Pre and Proto History : Jewellery, Maze, Bird On Wheel.
  8. Modern and Contemporary Art : Death of a Pope ( Since 1961, By Francis Newton Souza), Its a Oil on Canvas collection.
  9. Decorative Art : Bowl, Jewellery Box, Portrait Of Thirumala Nayaka, Rice Bowl.
  10. Textiles : (Silk, Patola and Patan), Shawl, Sari, 164 Sari.
  11. Natural History Section : The Kashmir Stag Or Hangul, Bearded Vulture, White Tiger, Great Indian Bustard, Great Horn bill.

The Latest attractions of November 2012, which will continue next 4 Months is the Ancient Egyptian Mummies Exhibition, a One of it kind of experience one can get in life time, being inside city.
How To Reach
Reaching : Nearest Station being CST (Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus) in Central Railway Route and Churchgate Station At Western Railway Route. One needs to take bus or taxi and can reach with in 10 to 15 minutes.

Via International / Local Airport : In Any case you are at Andheri or Santacruz (Mumbai Suburb) and Museum is far, See Andheri Airport to CST distance. So Hiring cool cab, taxi or getting into Local trains towards Churchgate station (Last Station) is preferred.
Entry Fees and Other Charges

  • Free : No Entry fees for Disabled (Physically Challenged)
  • Free : For School Students On Tuesdays its Free (School Identity Card Must)
  • Above 12 Years Age : Rs.50
  • Senior Citizens : Rs.50
  • For College Students : Rs. 25
  • For School Students and Kids (Age Between 5 to 12 years) : Rs. 10
  • NRI (Tourists etc) : Rs.300
  • NRI (Tourists Students with Identity Card) : Rs.25
  • NRI Children ( Age Between 5 and 12) : Rs.10
  • Group Concessions : Rs.40

Facilities for disabled like wheel chair, elevators and ramp are available.

Free Audio Guide is given to NRI Tourists who pays entry fees of Rs.300 and for others charges are Rs.100 for audio language (English, German, French, Spanish and Japanese). For family audio guide the cost is Rs.300 (Which includes 2 children and 2 adults). Local regional language audio guide in Hindi and Marathi Language also available for cost Rs.75 and Family (Rs.200).
Camera and Video Rules and Charges
Yes, with permission one is allowed take Cameras and take Pictures and Videos inside Museum Gallery and below are the charges for the same (Might Have Changed Now). Flash cameras and tripods are not permitted.

  • Mobile Camera : Rs.20/-
  • Basic Video Camera (Non Professional) : Rs.1000/-
  • Still Camera : Rs.200/-

Museum Visiting Timings
Closed : During Monday and Public / Bank Holidays like 26th January, 1st May, August 15th and October 2nd.
Tuesday to Sunday : Morning 10:15 to Evening 6:00
Address and Contact Details
Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya,
159-161 Mahatma Gandhi Road, Fort Mumbai GPO,
Pin code – 400023, Maharashtra (India).

Landmark : FORT, Near to Regal Cinema, National Gallery of Modem Art (NGMA) and Jahangir Art Gallery.
Contact : 91-22-22844484 / 91-22-22844519. (Note : 91 is ISD Code and 22 is STD Code)
Fax Number : 91-22-22045430.

Latest Events at this Museum

EVENTS DATE : Between 14th to 16th December 2012.

Every Now and then various events gets organized at this famous Museum of Mumbai, Like the latest event by ‘Paramparik Karigar Exhibition Event by Indigenous Arts‘ an NGO who works towards and promotes art and craft work from all over India. this 3rd annual events is about promoting and showcasing artwork by 12 not so famous yet good art work artists with its unique 25 work with purchase price ranging between 1500 to 50000 Rupees (INR).

A Combination ceramic and other art works from Rajasthan, Gujarat and South India (Andra Pradesh) by ‘Kalamkari’, ‘Phad and Picwai’ and ‘Mata Ni Pachadi’ artists. The display location as selected is ‘Coomaraswamy Hall’ inside the museum.

EVENT TIMINGS : Morning 11 Am to 7 Pm, Contact : +912222844484.

Upcoming Children Museum and Kids Club

In May 2014 last year (2014), CSMVS (Famously Shivaji Museum of Mumbai) started a unique way of interaction and education for kids called ‘Museum Kids Club’, The idea of doing something dedicated for small kids / children was already in when an event in 2008 called Toy Exhibition was a huge success. This ‘Kids club’ is a monthly activity event done any one Saturday (Once a month) with lots of activities and workshops that will help kids with information and other stuff like theme based programs and more, which will help develop physical and thinking skills and abilities of all the participant kids. Currently, Museum charges one time annual feel of 2200 per kid (Half Yearly Payment Option Also Available) for all the free access and activities with other benefits for family and other members in family like free entry in Museum and regular invites and more.

Taking a step further, CSMVS has decided to use the vacant available space of more than 3000 square feet dedicated to a all new ‘Children Museum’ (Coming up by 2016). This new museum section for kids will showcase some real old and historic, Indian traditional, Unique wooden toys, Various workshops for kids, Art sessions, Puppet making events, Pottery work, Craft art and much more in rotation yearly or once in 2 years. Some unique display would be old traditional Panchatantra which is about 400 years old now, Historic China, Japan and Harappa time monumental toys and artefacts. These showcase in the form of dedicated museum for kids will create more learning interest in them on the path of cultural development and a recreation activity of interest which was hardly possible in Mumbai city.

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