Forex Conversion Facilities at Mumbai Airports

“Mumbai airport has total of 15 Foreign exchange counters at Domestic and International terminals companies like Pheroze Framroze, Centrum, Weizmen, VKC Forex, Thomas Cook, Travelex, State Bank of India and Central Bank of India has counters with Forex services here. Lets understand where these counters are located as and when passengers needs local or international currencies to travel around..”

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Mumbai Airport Forex Services

Mumbai Airport Forex Services

Forex Counters at Domestic Airport

At domestic terminals 1A, 1B and 1C total of 6 counters gives exchange facilities, and below are the Forex company name and location at airport.

Terminal 1A : Total 2 Counters by Pheroze Framroze ( at Departures) and Centrum (at Arrival)
Terminal 1B : Total 3 Counters by 2 by Centrum and 1 by Pheroze Framroze at Departure and Arrival.
Terminal 1C : Total 1 Counter by Weizmen at Departure.

Forex Counters at International Terminal

At International Airport their are 2 counters at Departures, 3 at Mezzanine Floor and 4 at Arrivals, with total of 9 forex service counters. Below are details.

At Arrivals : Their are Central & State Bank Of India, Thomas Cook and Travelex companies for such currency facilities.
At Departure : Their is VKC Forex at Gate C and Thomas Cook at Gate D.
At Mezzanine Floor : Their is Centrum and Travelex at Gate 7, Thomas Cook at Gate 6 and Again Centrum at Gate 10 and 14.

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