MHADA Homes Mumbai – Total Applicants vs Number of Houses Available

“The ever soaring real estate in Mumbai and suburbs has boosted the number of applicants for low cost homes by MHADA which fall much higher compared to the available houses on lottery system done by MHADA. Below are figures from latest news since 2008, the demand of such houses and the availabilities in city..”

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MHADA low cost homes

MHADA low cost homes

Total Houses in Demand vs Applications
Year Houses Available by MHADA Total Applicants.
2008 870 65640
2009 3863 430000
2010 3449 328000
2011 4034 140000
2012 2593 138000
How MHADA Increased the Supply

One of the major problems, this Government Organization MHADA, well known to give Low Cost Affordable homes to a particular group of buyers is the Encroachers who illegally take up the open plot owned by this Organization and then MHADA need to fight in court to get back the land to build more such homes to fulfill more and more applicants. The upcoming project at Goregaon East, Mountain side location which is divided into 2 phases (24 months) and Total of (48 months) will give more of such 5000 houses on huge 272 acre plot.

Its a good news that 5000 eligible and prospective home buyers will have a low cost shelter in costly city of Mumbai, MHADA is fighting and getting more such enchrochers away legally to increase more supply of homes in coming time. We hope court takes this on fast track just like the rising cost of Mumbai properties.

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