ATVM For Mumbai Local Trains – Local Train Ticket Smart Card Machine

The Automatic Ticket Vending Machine as it is named, ATVM as actually know is a direct cut off to those old UTS (Unreserved Ticketing System) which required long hour queue to get seasonal tickets / pass. Its an another alternative to the CVM (Coupon Validating Machine) coupons which has separate digital machines to ready to travel coupon tickets which required Date and Time printed before travelling in Mumbai’s Western and Central Railway Network. Lets understand the usage of ATVM and its Smart Card, Some advantages of same..

Quick Look : [ About ATVM Machines and Smart Card Usage ], [ Some Facts and Figures ], [ The Smart Card Ticket Buying Steps/Process ], [ Advantages Of Using ATVMs and Smart Cards ], [ Ticket Sample Picture ], [ Updates ]

ATVM Smart Card Machine

ATVM and Smart Card Machine

Updates 2015 : New Local Train Mobile Ticketing option have been added to ATVM machines as the services has been started in December 2015.

March 2016: Top Station For ATVM Sales and Usage(Courtesy : Mid-Day Newspaper)

Station Name Year 2014-2015 Year 2015-2016
Andheri 6933 18316
Virar 3166 14469
Kandivali 2902 12386
Nalasopara 1741 11366
Dadar 4627 10908

ATVM Machines and Its Usage
Long hour queues and shortage of coins (change given back to passengers) is what the born of such machines to save time and travel fast. Basically their are two types of ATVM machines, Currently their is Smart Card operating Machine and coming up and planned by Mumbai Railway is Coin operating ATVM, expected soon. This Automatic ticketing machines were introduced and launched on 10th October 2010, as easy to get travel ticket system for public travelling by Local Trains in Mumbai by Western Railway and then adopted by Central railway route also. About 7 to 10 Millions commuters who daily travels uses this alternative ATVM machine, which is time saving compared to CVM and UTS.

Its called the ‘SMART CARD’ which is used by this ATVM machine to get your journey ticket valid for next 1 hour. Smart cards are available at selected ticket counters from where the general local train tickets are purchased. One NOT need to be in queue to purchase ready to use Smart Card which do not require any identity proof to be purchased.

This card will cost and initial amount of Rs.100, from which the first time usable amount will be Rs.52 to get tickets from ATVM machine and some Rs.30 to balance amount (Please help with your comments on security deposits amount if i am mistaken) is kept by Railway as one time security deposit (Refundable). At any given time you can cancel and return the smart card which will cost you Rs.10 as cancellation charges. Recharge of ATVM smart cards can be done on any ticket booking counters, Currently their is no online recharge facilities for same. Recharge process and Validity and other details of same is follows :

  • Recharge of ATVM smart cards can be in multiple of Rs.50, Maximum up to Rs.500 in single card.
  • Validity of this travel card is 12 months from purchase date or recharge date.
  • Travel within 1 hour limited time using this card tickets.
  • Railway authority offer 5% extra on every recharge to promote more usage of this cards.
  • Technically the ATVM has Processor, Monitor, Touch Screen, Smart Card Reader placed below the Touch Screen on the left side, Ticket Printer With support for multilingual support like Marathi, Hindi, Kannad and Bangla for Indian travelers with default of English.

ATVM Machines Fact and Figures

  • Out of about 1 million daily ticket buyer local train travelers, 13 to 15 percent of them use this smart cards.
  • Total ATVM Machines installed at Mumbai (Western & Central Railway) Suburbs are 250.
  • New 135 Such Machines will be installed in Central Railway, Out of which 86 to be installed on Main Line, 43 on Harbour Route and 6 at Trans-Harbour lines. Major stations like Thane, CST, Kalyan and Vashi commuters getting relief from long queues to get tickets.
  • Another 940 such Ticket Vending Machines are expected by March 2013.
  • As per news in July 2014, 377 more of such Machines are expected in Mumbai suburb stations (western & Central Railway)
  • Coin Operated ATVM are expected soon as per news.
  • ATVM machines did not got that much of response as expected because not all commuters found it easy to operate, The touch screen getting little touch insensitive with time and understanding the START and END route was initially not easy. Basically the user interface can be made more easy. But with time many people got use to using this machine.
  • Smart Cards once lost can be used by any person, So adding on full recharge of Rs.500 can sometime be risky.
  • Its a duty of people using such Vending machine to use it properly and take care of it, Not like those coin operated telephones which if do not response upon inserting coin, People literally bang on it. This way it will be not possible by railway alone to give more such services. We commuters are equally responsible to take care of same.
  • Total of 40 Lakh commuters daily commute on Central Railway route via local trains.
  • The AVTM users have increased from 5% during 2011 to 25% now in 2013. Till date total of 386 ATVMs are operating and Railway plans to add more 286 soon possibly in early 2014.
  • JTBS users were NIL in 2011 and now have raise directly to 20% which is really good. As of December 2013, their are 288 JTBS counters in Central railway Route.
  • CVM machine user have drastically shows a decline from 30% in 2011 to just 5% now.
  • Majority still lies with UTS users which saw a decline from 60% since 2011 to 50% as of now.
  • For more information see the Smart Card Demo.
  • At End of 2014 or in January 2015, Central Railway is adding 7 More machines taking the total numbers to 112. Out of these 7, 4 will be added at Byculla and another 3 at Sandhurst Road. For people staying in western railway route Virar, 1 ATVM machine has been added on Platform No.8 which was much required.

Legends : Jansadharan Ticket Booking Sevak (JTBS), Coupon vending Machine (CVM) and Station Ticket Booking Sevaks (STBS), Unreserved Ticketing System (UTS).

How to Buy Local Train Tickets Using ATVM Smart Cards

  1. Keep your smart card on ATVM machine’s card sensor area on Left side of Screen.
  2. Use the Screen (Touch Enabled) to select the language first (English, Hindi and Marathi, Kannad and Bangla) are available languages.
  3. Select your source and destination stations from the railway map using touch screen facilities.
  4. Select total number of Passengers (Example : 2 Adults and 1 children)
  5. Select and Click the PRINT to get your ticket from Validating machine slot.

Advantages of Using ATVM cards

  • Unlike the seasonal pass (Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly) which required identity proof of purchaser, Anybody from your family and friends can purchase and use this card to travel around Mumbai western and Central Railway routes.
  • The time printed on Ticket by validating machine is generally rounded in hour (60 minutes), So if for example the Machine has timing of 5:05 Pm and you request printing a journey ticket at that time, then it will print 6:00 pm, Wow this is a bonus of 55 Minutes extra which is added to 1 hour duration time which calculates the total journey valid time as 1 Hour (As per ticket rules) and 55 minutes extra. We really don’t know if the new ATVM machines will have this facilities kept of be removed with printing exact timings of 1 hour valid journey.
  • Most Important, You will not miss that special convenient train by standing in queue to get you ticket.
  • No need to keep exact fare amount or change coins which are generally asked on Counter.
  • No queue to purchase smart card or recharge same.
  • No Huge queue at ATVM machines, as practically CVM coupons are more widely used too.

Ticket Sample

Below is the picture of Ticket that comes out of the machine when you use your smart card. It Shows details like Journey date, UTS No, Number of Adults and Children traveling, Commencement to be done within 1 Hour, Journey FROM and TO Station names, Class (First Class or Second), Total Kilometers etc.

Smart Card ATVM Ticket

Smart Card ATVM Ticket

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