Women Security in Local Trains of Mumbai

“With latest addition with Whatsapp Number 9833312222 and actions on Securing women traveling in local trains of Mumbai against molestation, Eve teasing and other such incidence is more prioritized by Mumbai Railway as Both Central and Western train routes (Including Harbour) has been given extra women guards divided in 3 groups called ‘SURAKSHINI’, ‘TEJASVINI’ AND ‘MAHILA VAHINI’ Squads along with RPF (Railway Police Force) and GRP (Government Railway Police) officials taking care of ticket checking and keeping watch against offenses like molesting etc..”

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Women Travel in Local Trains

Women Travel in Local Trains

Securing Women in Western Local Trains
SURAKSHINI SQUAD‘ called as team of RPF men and women police which will patrol western railway local trains, On platform, Inside local trains and other areas within railway premises day and night. Purpose of such team squad is the safe journey of women travelers majorly during late evenings and nights when coaches are comparatively empty. Random security checks, assisting RPF constables and grabbing on those traveling without ticket (being ticket checker) is what the duty will be.

This team will have total of 33 women divided into 2 groups keep eye on security luggage’s, males traveling in women compartments, catching people without tickets etc. Their will be special groups of RPF officers which will have 2 male, 2 female along with one Inspector.
Central and Harbour Train Route
TEJASVINI SQUAD‘ is a team of about 60 such women constables along with RPF inspectors. This group will be divided in to multiple small groups during all the same task to keep women traveler in local trains as secure and safe possible. Since and like western railway local trains their are beggars, male venders selling cosmetics and other small ladies products inside ladies compartments which makes female travelers uncomfortable standing and seating, this squad will take action on such persons.

MAHILA VAHINI‘ is yet another team of such squad working in 2 shifts on central & harbour routes with strength of more then 100 women RPF constables, keeping security checks in train’s ladies compartments and on platform where ladies coach comes. Divided into 4 groups their will take care of stations as detailed below :

  • Group 1 : Wadala, Dadar, Byculla and CST Stations.
  • Group 2 : Mankhurd, Thane and Kurla Stations.
  • Group 3 : Turbe Kalyan and Dombivli Stations.
  • Group 4 : Vashi, Belapur, Panvel and Kharghar Stations.

All of the above listed women squads duty is to patrol ladies compartments, ladies special local trains, males in ladies, helping as ticket checkers, keeping unauthorized venders away and such activities. Hope and for sure this move by Mumbai railway authority will make and keep women feel secure during late hours and day times.
Railway Helplines For Women

Firstly we highly recommended to install our Android app that has women helplines handy (click to dial). Also you can keep note of below latest helpline numbers as and when required.

Western Local Trains Helplines : 09833331111 & 1311
Central and Harbour Route Local Trains : 09833331111 & 1275

Download helplines app for Mumbai (Android)

Railway Women Group Whatsapp Number

Latest update and a classic idea by RPF in western suburb stations to get the nuisance creator for women traveler on radar, Whatsapp groups for women commuters in suburban western railway route is considered as a quick know and response via posting pictures and videos of culprit, local train fights, any other incidents of theft or women harassment etc.

Lady / Female police constables keeping watch in this route will be allocated 71 sim cards to create women groups on whatapp chatting app to keep in touch with all the regular travelers to inform via pictures, videos and chat respective constable on which GRP and RPF can take action. This seems to be a promising idea and a great way of connecting and communicating instead of those helplines. With the PROs of having women commuters in whatsapp group, the responsibilities of each women in group is expected to be particular when uploading photos and also be specific and ease with chat. There should not be any private talks, unrelated uploads or general chats in all those groups which may consume time of lady police and may miss some important events triggered by some serious ladies in group.

Securing women and getting the culprits caught faster is the top priority but every women also keep a note that on other side, the group admin (Lady Police) also need to fulfill other task by keeping watch outside and not just on chat, So help them to balance same by not posting anything in general and use the whatsapp number 9833312222 at its best.

Great Move, i must say. What do you ladies have to say about same ? Do write below

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