Mumbai CST Railway Station Heritage Building Museum Tour

“This heritage building built in 1888 at CST (Chattrapati Shivaji Terminus) railway station is wide open to public to show the hidden beauty lying with its monument structure being part of proud Mumbai city. A warm welcome to citizens and foreigner tourist who are looking for some attractive old structures, railway museum still well maintained. This Guided tour starting December 28th 2012 by Railway is an opportunity to see how this beautiful building looks from inside. See also BMC Building attraction which is just opposite this station.”

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Mumbai CST Railway Station Building View

Mumbai CST Railway Station Building View

Heritage Building Guided Tour
Star Chambers is what the ticket window area is called and this paid tour is at backside of this ticket window. As soon entering the CST heritage spot, one can see the huge Roman Catholic style carved huge Dome sprinkling sun light from those dusty colorful glasses designed with red and blue painted artifacts. Feel the walk those Britishers had while climbing those black colored, some 8 Feet wide staircase at entrance, which is made of strong old time iron bars. Ask the guide and he will detail more precisely about same.

The marbled walls and those beautiful recesses along with those huge multicolored slabs standing all across has some 8 to 10 different types of stones, The designed and the logic behind those tough and some very soft multilevel slab, which is a kind of supporting system of this heritage building has some deep research done at that time. It feels those soft stones used in that slabs might be working as a support system in case of minor earthquakes that helps the structure to be steady.

One will hardly find now or have ever see those artifacts inside CST restrict building beautifully carved, showing elephants cart ‘rath’, those steam engines of railway old era, Lion chasing deer and that one piece huge antique peacock carves on wall and facade all around. Grotesques, Medallions, Gargoyles, Monograms and Motifs are seen all around which is not to be missed and cannot be seen in our 21st Century work.
Railway Museum Section
Yet another interesting unseen corner of this building is the Railway museum which has collection of Old times crockery and utilities used by railway officers since 1888 since this structure was made. It has old classic telephone which rings ‘Tring Tring’, drawing and artwork pictures of old Mumbai’s Indian Peninsular Railway and CST building, An old fan with 4 wings, those brass cutlery articles and more.

3 of the most old attractions of this museum is the General Manager wide looking Wooden Chair still strong enough to hold weight, Old time green colored railway engine and those passenger train compartment (coaches) in red, They are so beautiful that just looks like those playing toys, and 3rd and final antiques is a Brass bell which was installed in 1866 at Neral Railway Station, those were the Non-Digital Railway system era when guards use to ring such brass bells and indicators were also manual. Its a beautiful one time experience one must have when near CST.
Tour Timings and Charges
Timings : 7 Days wide open from 3 Pm to 5 Pm (Limited 2 hours only)
Entry Fees : Normal Charges are Rs.200 with Discount of Rs.100 to Students
Contact Number : Yet not available, One can enquire at station master office or ticket counter of CST.

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