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“Do you feel their are more then required stray dogs near your building, lanes etc ? These Dogs are actually our friends and part of our balanced Eco-system. Some times hunger creates menace and needs solutions like stray dog feeding and Sterilization to control this menace and make them our security friends. Below are some of the helplines for stray dogs in Mumbai city. These are some of the known Animal welfare associations and NGO’s that will help you for same..”

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Stray Dogs in Mumbai

Stray Dogs in Mumbai

Why Stray Dogs Create Menace

Actually as everyone knows dogs are best friends of Humans, Be it a stray one of a PET. Except few, most of them always seek love and pamper from humans around, they want to be around and be your friends. But the natural process of dogs reproduction which is faster and as less people care of those new stray puppies around, the requirement of food from waste, garbage etc as the stray dog feeders are very less till date. The hunger and competition among dogs is one of the reasons for such menace.

Another reason being the reproductive ability and mating temper and urge that makes them little aggressive. Mumbai’s old style duplexes, chawls were more friendly to these dogs as they were able to peep individual homes and people use to feed them regularly, this happened at lots of places in city and still their are suc old home were their are animal lovers feeding them regular, Still small kids love to play with those dogs, and was thus less menace. The concrete Mumbai has made some distance between this strays and we humans and it is we humans who have spoiled the Eco-System and not those speachless dogs. We need to be more friendly, adopt stray as pet, Visit pet care centers and get knowledge, be regular in feeding strays to balance their behavior with us.

Sterilization Helplines for Mumbai

Some of the very known Animal welfare associations, NGO’s and Communities who are actively working towards helping stray dog sterilized and rehabilitation of same in those same lanes and locations are listed below with their helplines. Every single dogs Sterilization in Mumbai cost about Rs.900/- and government is helping such helping organizations by subsidizing and discounting on Sterilization process with Rs.350/- . Although they don’t demand, Yet its not easy for those helpers NGO’s to keep the stray dog mission for for city, So i personally request to help them with some funds from your society / personal for same.

Organization Name City Locations Covered Helpline Numbers
Welfare Of Stray Dogs Complete Mumbai 02264222838
Save Our Stray Bandra to Dahisar (Western Suburbs) 919820141310
In Defence Of Animals Greater Mumbai till Deonar and Dahisar (Suburbs) 919320056581
In Defence Of Animals Navi Mumbai till Panvel 91920056585

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