Public Romance in Mumbai – Rules For Couples Romancing in Public Places

“Love is Everywhere, And lovers and couples seen romancing in public place is not new to Mumbai city. Its a natural feeling between two soul mates, life partners and friends to be together, see sunset from famous beaches, sea side locations of Mumbai with hand in hand, arms around, cuddling, and that sweet secret way of public kissing. Unlike United states, Mumbai is not so liberal when it comes to seeing couples romancing in public, Yet as of February 2013, Our Mumbai police head Mr. Satyapal Singh who is liked and loved by Mumbai since came, will be loved more by Public and specially those Valentine couples to show practical mindset when it comes to love at public place. Our be saluted cop thinks, speaks in practical about public romance, still keeping strict when it comes to Women security and ‘Obscene acts’..”

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Mumbai Lovers Point

Mumbai Lovers Point

Public Romance and Mumbai City

As said Mumbai is not that liberal when it comes to kissing in public like the culture it has in United States and other sexually more liberal countries. Yet, i have read a funny lines on Internet and other media like “You Can’t Kiss in Public, But You Can See People Pee..”, that’s funny and true. Until recently, City was not really that easy for couples when it comes to publicly seating together hand-in-hand, girls head on beloved shoulder and kissing openly expressing love at public places and lovers points like Bandstand Sea face at Bandra, Chowpatty and Versova Beach, Worli Sea face, Aksa beach, National Park etc. Mumbai police is not un-heartly, Yet when it comes to Women safety in public, Rules has to be strict, else now world know the recent ‘Gang Rape Of Delhi’. Strict patrolling at Bandra bandstand, that rocky fort in same location filled with couples romancing was and is still in place, yet the difference is that before couple were warned by police when seeing romancing, some threats to call parents, torchlight shining during cozy moments in dark and such embarrassing times was faced by lovers.

Now the time has changed in Mumbai, Everyone knows lovers cannot be stopped and the move on practical thinking about same is on place by Mumbai police, The leading and my personally liked cop Mr. Satyapal Singh has shown liberal and practical thoughts on Public Romancing couples. He has instructed police petrol team, Marshals (Specially for Tourist Help and Security) placed at tourist attraction places for safety to be polite with lovers in public places. Do not disturb those cuddling lovers by torchlight etc, Yet keep the women safety mission intact, Just whistle around alerting public and those romancing duos that we still are around watching for any nuisance or red-flag activities, and that’s a great move in today’s fast moving world. Know more from Mumbai girls and dating section to make new friends and clean dating.

Just couple of month before, these rules were different at Thane district of Mumbai which didn’t lasted for long, Late evening unmarried couples were not allowed to hand around isolated spots etc, they were called upon for a thrashing speech as at same period the Delhi Gang Rape case was hot. The rules were immediately taken back as it was not so perfect when it comes to public independence. Now Mumbai and Thane district is liberal to love at public places in limits, If our city police have shown some practical move, Its our young generations duty to abide the same and show equal respect and keep our beloved Mumbai safe for women.

Top Sea Side Public Lover Points

Mumbai is surrounded by beaches from almost 3 sides, That already signals a great lovers points available for those romantic married and unmarried couples. Some of the best known lovers points in Mumbai and Suburban locations are listed below :

Apart from public beaches for romance, their are many other isolated spots in every locations well known by lovers in that local areas which have lonely lanes, new developing streets ideal as isolated places for couples. And for sure the local police have their strict rules and patrolling around.

Public Kissing and Romancing Rules

Although these are not exact legal rules and like always Mumbai police can be strict or easy on such activities from Time to Time, below are things to consider when in public :

  • Know your limits and take care and respect the elderly who might be seating just adjacent to you (Couples).
  • Don’t Go far inside rocky sea, High and Low tides (sea current) are always unpredictable. Better be safe as already many couples have been saved and were in news who were busy romancing and unaware of tides.
  • Public Kissing is still not allowed.
  • Hugging, Cuddling etc is OK.
  • Don’t go to isolated beaches like Aksa, Gorai etc in late evening.
  • Finally Enjoy your moments and Keep Mumbai Clean.

Couple Romance Place Video

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