Lakes in Mumbai – Drinking Water Source

“Of many beautiful natural lakes in Mumbai, Their are some 4 to 6 lakes with sweet & clean drinking water source. Some of the famous and important lakes are Tansa, Modak Sagar (AKA Lower Vaitarna), Bhatsa, Upper Vaitarna, Tulsi and Vihar. Details of those water sources that reaches every corner of the city are detailed below. Note that few NON Drinking water lakes area also detailed which are famous among tourists visiting Mumbai..”

Drinking Water Source

Modak Sagar AKA Lower Vaitarna Lake

Powai Lake in Mumbai

Old Picture of Powai Lake in Mumbai

  • Powai Lake Near Andheri Hiranandani – Mumbai Suburb “Powai lake is one of the 6 major lakes of Mumbai located at Andheri suburb, Supplying water to Industries as of now, and is part of green zone which connects Sanjay Gandhi National Park located at south of Hiranandani Complex..” **adsenseontop** About Powai Lake About 6.61 Square Meter area of Powai lake with a maximum depth of just ...
  • Tulsi Lake – Fresh Drinking Water Lake For Mumbai “Tulsi is one of the pure and fresh drinking water lakes in Mumbai suburb, Other being near is Vihar lake. Tulsi lake in Mumbai is one of the scenic lake flowing behind Borivali National Park between those dense forest, This natural lake has birds, fish and other reptiles surrounded by lush greenery around..” **adsenseontop** About Tulsi Reservoir Seeing ...
  • Vaitarna Lake Near Manor – Drinking Water Lake Near Mumbai Suburb “Vaitarna lake is located near wada village at Manor location (Far North Western Suburb), 91 kms from Mumbai city. This lake is one of the sweet and pure drinking water source after tulsi lake..” **adsenseontop** About Vaitarna Lake Water and Location Vaitarna lake is not actually in Mumbai, but it is a very important source of water for ...
  • Vihar Lake – An IMportant Drinking Water Source Of Mumbai Vihar lake is yet another drinking water source to Mumbai. Constructed in around 1840, This water reservoir also has water filtration plant on other end which is near to Tulsi lake, Both falling under green forest premise of Borivali national park with road going from film city and behind Powai lake pine line road..” **adsenseontop** Drinking Water ...
  • Tansa Lake Dam at Atgaon – Mumbai “Tansa lake (Dam) is one of those 3 major drinking water reservoir out of total 6 lakes in Mumbai, Located at Mahuli hills (Atgaon) about 85.3 km from Mumbai Airport, this lake was the only fresh water lake built back in 1892 which has its Tansa Dam project done by 1925 supplying 430 MLD water ...
  • Bhatsa Lake and Dam – Mumbai “Bhatsa is an important lake near Mumbai, Located between Shahpur and Khardi on National Highway 3 (NH3), Exactly on opposite side of Highway where Bhatsa Village and Tansa lake is located. This Dam and water reservoir is about 96 km from Mumbai and is one of the 6 major source of water used by citizens, ...
  • Thane Lakes – Masunda (Talao Pali) and (Pokhran) Upvan Lake “Off the Mumbai City are 2 of Known Thane Lakes, A district in itself, Yet Thane Station has these 2 of the many beautiful public lakes called ‘Masunda lake’ (Also known as ‘Talao Pali’ lake) and another at just one kilometre distance from thane station called ‘Upvan lake’ (Or Pokhran)a natural forest side lake in ...

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