Smart Cards Ticketing Demo – ATVM Machine Demo and Pros Cons

“Even if the make travel easy options like ATVM vending machines which are used at every stations in Mumbai are better options compared to those long queues, Their are individual reasons for still wasting sometime to get those regular tickets from local trains ticket counters. Although the details on ATVM Smart Card machines are given this post which details ATVM Smart Card Demo to get travel tickets is specially for those who are still in double mind of shifting from Regular Journey Ticket, Monthly Seasonal Pass and other options to getting smarter with smart card. Also are details of Pro’s and Con’s of same..”

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The Smart Card Demo For ATVM Ticket Machine

Pros and Cons


One of the biggest advantage (The Pros) of using smart card compared to regular local train journey tickets from ticket counter is TO SAVE TIME, One misses important train by standing in long queues.

Another being to get exact change or the counter may ask for 1 Rupee or 2 Rupee change (Indian Currency) to adjust the fare amount, and that’s irritating sometimes when you are in hurry.

If you are like those who don’t travel daily and still gets seasonal pass, then be alert the rates have already gone high and ATVM is best option to save those money. Its like use smart cards as and when need to travel, compared to spend fixed amount of money for monthly / Quarterly seasonal pass.

With Every Rs.500 Recharge (Top Up) you get additional Rs.25 as bonus which is added to the total travel pack value, that’s really good.


One thing i didn’t like (The Cons) when getting the live demo for travel ticket was the machines are not well maintained and the touch screens are not sensitive, Now public can’t be blamed of not using properly or keeping clean their fingers when using their smart cards.

In this ticket demo one can see the card have to be placed on the sensor which is open to air and most of the time filled with dust. This also affects the card quality if used frequently.

Possibly, the navigation system should have been better (Although not bad), Step by step options always works great for layman compared to full screen cluttered with selections and options. A person might feel like left out some options or might be wrong.

How about a small DEMO button inside screen ?, which when pressed can show up a small 1 minute run video on how to operate ATVM and get your first class, second class journey ticket.

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