Why Mahim Causeway in Mumbai is Toll Free

“A small yet very interesting fact about Mumbai’s station Mahim in western railway routes which has causeway which is toll free. This few lines below will detail about the reasons it been toll free since so many decades now..”

The Mahim Causeway was built between 1841 to 1846 to connect the island to Salsette with Mahim. The Swampy area between the two islands made travel dangerous and thus a need for a causeway arose. The British East India Company, who governed Bombay at that time, refused to fund the project which led lady jeejeebhoy, wife of first baronet Sir Jamsetjee Jeejeebhoy to donate the entire amount of Rs.157000 on the condition that government would not charge a toll for its use. Since then the causeway links the neighbor of Mahim to the south with Bandra to the north.

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