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“Suburb delight of Mumbai city, Andheri a station in western railway route has this unique and posh residential township called Lokhandwala complex, a hotspot location always high with real estate rates and a preferred location for stay by many and major Bollywood celebrities including actors, directors, producers and also those movies and television struggling actors. Siraj Lokhandwala who is the name behind the dream residency developer which is vast spread now is who took the vision and made it come true, It has other best locations connected to oshiwara where  this famous complex resides, like it has Versova, Four bungalows, Seven bungalows, Link road all connected as neighborhood complexes. It has all the regular options like Branded showrooms for shopping and those classy restaurants and lounges all readily available for shopping and enjoying the best of Mumbai’s nightlife. Lets get into more details of this hotspot suburb residential complex..”

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Lokhandwala Complex

Lokhandwala Complex

This location was once a widespread open plot marshland, just known as Oshiwara. Just 3 decades before this Mumbai suburb hardly has any major township or such huge complexes. Getting an auto was very tough initially here and BEST bus facilities were not very frequent. If at all some auto got ready to ply till Lokhandwala they would not go beyond some fixed known spots and land mark locations like ‘High Point’ restaurant. Auto charges then were just about Rs.2 when shared from 4 bungalows which was then the better known location compared to Lokhandwala. The complex came into existence when siraj lokhandwala thought of developing this marshland and since then this location became a hotspot and a preferred home location majorly by business class and Bollywood people as the real estate rates here was always a challenge from job working class people.
Lokhandwala Attractions
The skylines and the luxurious apartments are the foremost and primary attraction of this complex. Another reason being the versova beach and juhu beach adjacent giving fresh air always and a great option to spend leisure time.

Like Bandra pali hill area, this complex is known for bollywoods favorite home. Juhu road connected has major celebrity’s residential bungalows and here at lokhandwala major new Bollywood strugglers and tv actors can be seen staying in rental apartments.

All luxury are at door steps here inside this complex, be it a shopping mall, food joints, pubs and nightclubs, fitness clubs gyms and joggers park etc. Infinity mall and Mega mall are nearest best shopping options here with famous brands inside like Arrow, Reebok, Levi’s, Kiah and lots more are here for stylish shopping. Famous restaurant brands like McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Monsoon the Chaat Corner, Domino’s, Cafe Indigo, BreadKraft, Barista, Cafe Coffee Day, Natural Ice Cream and many such are available for that great meal experience. This is all located within and at the famous lokhandwala’s back road location.
How to reach Lokhandwala

  1. From Andheri Station : Approximate 5 km and best 2 options are Auto and Best buses, both available in high frequency from Andheri station west.
  2. From Andheri Airport : Approximate road distance is 10 km and Cool Cab, Taxi, Auto are best options.
  3. From Local Trains : This station is in Western Railway route, Get down in Andheri west and take an Auto. If you are planning to visit this suburb from south Mumbai, Cool cab and Private cab are the best direct options along with those BRTS Ac buses.

Lokhandwala Enlightened Market Video During Diwali

Famous Hangouts Near Lokhandwala

  • ISCKON Temple
  • Juhu Beach
  • Cinemax Cinema Versova
  • Versova Beach
  • 4 and 7 Bunglows Residential Locations
  • Infinity and Mega Mall On Link Road Adjacent to Complex
  • Discos and Pubs for Nightlife

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