Truecaller Mobile App Hacked – Save Yourself Mumbai

“We know how horrifying it is when a software which resides on almost every other smartphone is hacked be it a Android or iOS or BB. Loss to such company and more then that trouble and loss to smartphone users. Firstpost just reported that a famous app Truecaller has been compromised (Hacked) by some hackers community. This special post is to save Mumbai users by taking relevant action by Deleting the app as of now or taking any action that can save your phone getting compromised and data loss..”

Truecaller Hacked

Truecaller Hacked

Basically the hacking is done at truecaller website which has/had outdated wordpress blogging software, This gave them access to the database of millions of registered users. If the news is confirmed 100% then ‘Syrian Electronic Army’, the hackers will actually have lots of user login data etc of Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Linkedin accounts which use to login their.

We are also eagerly waiting to know of the confirmed news officially from TRUECALLER’s and hope they take care of the incidents in proper ways saving user’s privacy in best possible ways.

We know its a big issues as we do have our own app and value user privacy and data. So help spread a word by sharing this information as fast possible.

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