Chor Bazaar – Mumbai Second Hand Product Bazaar and Stolen Thieves Market

“Lets start it brief about the name ‘Chor Bazaar’, the infamous Thieves market at Grant Road Station of South Mumbai which is famous for any type of second hand and also stolen products. To keep the product range simple, i must add anything means anything, from PIN to PIANO and much more then one expect. This bazaar has its own crowd who get attracted at its multi-lane flea like market. All types of people visit this market for their individual needs. It is now one of the famous attractions for Tourists. Specialty being as it is said that when you don’t get an old or outdated product in regular market, the final destination visit and checkout is the Chor Bazaar with an hope of getting it. Say it range of old historic items used to decorate home, iron products, mobiles, gadgets or some that looks hardly working anymore are all on for sale at shops and footpath of all its lanes. Lets see the in depth of this Thieves Market ..”

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Chor Bazaar

Chor Bazaar

Chor Bazaar Old Mumbai

Chor Bazaar Old Mumbai

The Name Chor Bazaar and Its Attractions

Ask some old age resident of South Mumbai who is in his/her 90’s about this market and few will sure tell you, It was actually called ‘Shor Market’ which means in Hindi ‘Loud Selling Noisy Market’ of the then called ‘BOMBAY’, where people use to sell any random products on footpath of those lanes and those shops of these Grant Road location which is quite adjacent to famous Bhendi Bazaar. Their are multiple small lanes, looks like four ways at every junction of this market with some very unorganized types of shops selling its individual specialties. With time, once when it use to sell second hand (Used) products, be it commercial or household item, it started attracting products which were stolen from various lanes, shops and homes, be it shoes from temple, gadgets by thieves or some real bigger things. It is said that famous CHOR’s (Thieves) of Mumbai city who wanted to make some quick money and were without jobs used this market as a medium of quick sell and earning via such stolen products, and so the name.


Today also it is said that its a combination of both stolen and second hand products which are sold openly here. Majority of people having owned shops and rented selling things here are Muslims, as the other locations are dominated with same community people. Such adjacent famous locations are Bhendi Bazaar, Mazjid Bunder, Pydhonie to list a few of them. One needs to be very smart when it comes to buying products here, be it some old Bollywood posters, a binoculars, gymnasium iron Dumbbells, multi colored stones gem rings, or those old gramophones and their records and to list the latest mobile phones and much more which are all available here. The smartness to pick the correct working product at correct price as generally they cost every product rates 2 to 3 times and then bargain. Mind you their people skill in selling and checking your bargain skill are really good. Once you show the interest in any product in this bazaar and start the bargain you are targeted for sale, Try not to argue or get into fight with anyone in this market for any reason. If you like it bargain and take it or just say ‘Its OK’ or in Hindi ‘Nahi Chahiye’, I was just interested in knowing the cost.

Yes, you will also find some real decently Organized shops inside with antiquities being sold, and trust me if you are one of those old stuff collectors, Chor Bazaar is the best place in Mumbai. If you been misinformed about Old Indian Coins only sold here, then that’s a history and you can see those coins being sold at few of the railway platforms (Like i saw on Railway Bridge of Malad station sometimes before), Strange. One more thing to note is that if you find yourself messed up in market seeing all unorganized spread products and want something in particular which is not seen displayed, try asking couple of sellers around about the person who sells those products or who are specialists sellers of same and they will guide you to correct place and lane.

Best Day and Time to Visit Thieves Market
This market is open all 7 days of week, Except Sundays when only couple of lanes inside are seen selling limited products. So as said Sunday is the lowest selling day. So which day and time is the best to visit this famous ‘Chor Bazaar’ ?. Trust me if you want to have real fun and see what this Bazaar is all about Visit here on ‘FRIDAY’ starting early morning 9 Am till 1 Pm. And hey, I Will love to see your comments below with all your experience that others will love to read too.

A Lane inside Chor Bazaar

A Lane inside Chor Bazaar

How to Reach Chor Bazaar

Route 1 : Nearest station to Reach Chor Bazaar is Grant Road, which is a 3rd station from Churchgate in Western Railway Route. Parking is a big headache here so is why i am focusing on how to reach via local trains, Or alternately you can hire a cab anywhere from South Mumbai and they will drop you here. Ok, so via trains once you get down at Grant Road station in EAST, follow the east-west flyover bridge with road called Maulana Shaukat Ali Road, If you want to enjoy the location around, you can walk for 20 minutes to reach or simply take a cab from station and reach in few minutes.

Route 2 : Via the very Next station which is ‘Charni Road‘, get down in East and enjoy other famous locations like Khetwadi Lanes, CP Tank’s famous Madhav baug temple and take the same temple lane to reach Null bazaar which then goes to Chor Bazaar. Alternately also comes some old colonies of south Mumbai like Lohar Chawl, Gol Deval temple if you take that alternate lane. Its bit confusing, But if you are really excited and ready to explore the real south Mumbai with this tour and have fun, its highly recommended.

Video Inside Chor Bazaar

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