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“Menu of Swati Snacks Restaurant located at Grant Road West is simple looking tasty giving food abd beverages with comparatively high priced menu items. Checkout the below printable menu yourself categorized by Traditional specialties, Snacks, Beverages and Desserts and Ice Creams..”

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Swati Snacks

Swati Snacks

Panki Chatni Savory rice pancakes steamed in banana leaf 140
Suva Panki Flavoured rice pancakes 140
Mung Dal Chilla Mung Dal pancakes 160
Pudina Panki Mint flavoured rice pancakes 140
Dal Dhokli Whole wheat roti cooked in traditional gujarati dal 190
Paneer Chilla 170
Bajri Khichu 160
Makai Handvo 140
Khichdi Kadhi – Batata Saak 190
Fada Ni Khichdi Cracked wheat pulao served with curd 190
Baked Masala Khichdi Masala Pulao with mixed pulses and vegetables 190
Dhan saak – bhat Traditional parsi dal served with rice 190
Satpadi Roti – Gatta nu shak Masala roti served with yoghurt and besan curry 190
Tahlipith – Pitla Mixed pulses masala roti served with spicy besan 190
Shrikhand – bedai roti – alu shak 190
Vatana muthiya shak – thepla 190
Chola methi dhokla – Amti 140
Extra Roti Thalipith/satpadi/thepla/bedai 120
Bhel puri 110
Pani Puri 110
Sev Puri 110
Dahi sev puri 120
Dahi batata puri 130
Dahi misal 130
Sabudana kichdi – dahi 160
Cheese Mex 180
Pizza 180
Falafel 170
Paneer Lifafa 170
Frankee 170
Sada dosa 110
Mysore dosa 110
Rava dosa 130
Rava onion dosa 140
Tomato Onion Uttapam 140
Additional masala 30
Ragda Pattice 140
Pav bhaji 160
Masala Pav 160
Pav Vada 130
Additional cheese 40
Vada Only 100
Extra Pav 20
Idli 120
Coconut Punch 130
Sugarcane Juice 130
Limbu Pani 110
Sweet Lassi 130
Pudina Chaas 130
Seasonal fresh fruit juice 160
Aerated Drinks 60
Bottled Water 50
Masala Tea 70
Seasonal fresh fruit ice-creams 150
Daily specials on blackboard 130
Malai Malpuda 190
Shrikhand 130
Jalabi per kg 460
Papdi 340
Fafda 340

Deven Jadav
Deven Jadav
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