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With Vestibular AC Local trains starting 1st January 2018, Gone are days using hair comb in local train in non working fans to start. The much awaited and delayed AC trains in Mumbai are finally ready for commuters between Churchgate, Andheri, Bandra and Borivali and soon possible for Virar too. Lets understand some feature & facilities, daily ticket fare, monthly pass compared to First class non AC and the schedules (Timetable)..”

AC Trains

Air Conditioned Local Trains

Benefiting western railway route first and soon the central railways too, AC Local trains will be first in history of Mumbai railway network to get started on first day of year 2018. Year 2017 was dedicated to trail and testing and here comes time for excitement and real run.

AC Local Trains Fast Facts

Proposed in 2007 with funds allocation and planning in 2011, Mumbai expected the new AC rakes in 2013 initially which was a miss and the Miss repeated in 2014 and 2015, With finally on March 2016 process got the push and in April rakes arrived and test run dates set with hurdles in Central railway route due to height of rakes unfitting to old british era bridges and 2017 was all for test and trials.

 Starting : 1st January 2018
 Maximum Speed Limit : 110 Kilometre / Hour.
 Seating Capacity :1028
 Standing Capacity : 4936
 Total Passenger Capacity : 5964
 Running Between Churchgate & Virar : Yet not finalized. Currently as planned, it should run between Churchgate and Borivali, Andheri & Bandra.
 Door Control (Open & Close) : With Motorman, But for emergency purpose their is a Knob (both inside & outside door) which can be used to open that door.
Crowd Management on Doors : Their is no Queue system in current NON AC trains, Not even commuters disciplined enough due to huge crowd and crunch in number of trains which is an on going issue. In such scenario railway authorities are still not sure on how will people do door discipline. MY PERSONAL SUGGESTION : Exactly in front of door area on platform, Draw a EXIT & ENTRY row with queue COMPULSORY. Initially, like Japan trains allocate staff to check on door disciplines. This will become habit soon and commuters will follow same and will not allow others to break rules.
 Some Questions & Doubts : Will ATVM Smart cards work as ticketing options for these AC locals ? (Hopefully YES), Will doors ever close seeing current crowd? Will Cooling be enough for such crowded trains, and more..

AC Train Timetable and Schedules

This section will keep updating with train timings as and when available. For now as per previous year updates here is what is expected :

  • 2 Service (UP Route) From Borivali at 8:00 AM
  • 2 Service (DOWN Route) From Churchgate at 6:00 PM
  • Service running days : Daily
  • Similar planing for Andheri and Bandra route

Only 1 single trains will be running for this 4 total services during peak office hours.

Daily Ticket Rates & Fares (Monthly Pass)

AC Train Fares (Single Ticket and Monthly Pass)

Price workout for single journey tickets in AC train seems reasonable as the ticket rates of travelling in Non AC First class and AC train are planned not to change and are same. Difference or hike in monthly pass is seen, Almost double the price of First class monthly pass. Although this is just the initial stage, i believe changes in monthly and daily ticket price will be seen after Junuary 2018.

Below are the planned fares.

Churchgate to Bandra

First Class / AC ticket rate (Single Journey) : Rs.70
Monthly Pass AC Train : Rs.700 (Compared to Monthly First Class Rate Rs.485)

Churchgate to Andheri

First Class / AC ticket rate (Single Journey) : Rs.105
Monthly Pass AC Train : Rs.1050 (Compared to Monthly First Class Rate Rs.650)

Churchgate to Borivali

First Class / AC ticket rate (Single Journey) : Rs.140
Monthly Pass AC Train : Rs.1400 (Compared to Monthly First Class Rate Rs.745)

Features Inside This Vestibular AC Local Train Rakes

These AC trains will sure bring relief, But how much is what is awaited seen in time tested days after 1st January. Everyone known the lifeline of Mumbai is overcrowded and challenges like door controls, other disciplines are still a question (I had a suggestion at start of this article, If you agree with me please comment below). Here are some of the features expected in thanda thanda cool cool local train of Mumbai.

Recommended For You.

  1. Style :Another benefit is that the train style is Vestibular, which means all the coaches will be connected from start to end. You can get inside from coach X and drop out from any other Y.
  2. Ladies Coach : No, unlike other NON AC local trains, As this is a Vestibular train, even ladies coach will be part of series. Gents (Men) are expected to not get into ladies section. Proper GREEN & RED strap markings like current local trains will be made to understand the difference. But what is feel is Men will get an excuse to by pass this section due to its Vestibular feature and this can be not comfortable for women (LADIES, YOUR COMMENTS EXPECTED BELOW).
  3. Luggage Compartment : No separate luggage compartments will be available in any of these AC locals.
  4. Coach For Physically Challenged  : Some special care will be taken for physically challenged people, Reserved seats etc are expected along with convenience of getting down and boarding the local trains.
  5. Security : Since this train is one of similar kind like Delhi Metro AC trains, Security related issues will be all same comparatively. Like, till every door closed, train will not start. etc.

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Please give suggestions and ideas for better commuting and use of this AC local trains in below comments and hope railway authorities goes through the same.

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