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“An option for my Mumbaikar friends who are tired using that personal combs to push start those not working fans during summer as, By September this year (2014) Railway authorities have planned to put up their first to be running 12 Coach AC local train in a test check and get response mode. Lets know more details about train fares, schedules (UP / DOWN timetable) and benefits and features..”


AC Trains

Air Conditioned Local Trains

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This will be the first Air Conditioned local train in Mumbai of which the service been expected to benefit Western Railway Route, Mumbai suburbs. Only 1 train initially will be seen running for couple of days / month between Churchgate and Borivali suburban stations. Since this is the first time something like this is going to happen, Both Railway authorities and commuters are excited and are in wait and watch mode now. Although clear idea about what the ticket rates (AC train Fares) will be and what will be the exact timings this train will run in this route, is yet to be decided, below is what the breeze saying all about as per leading news papers of Mumbai.

Timetable and Schedules

This section will keep updating with train timings as more services are introduced, For now here is what is expected as train timings :

  • 2 Service (UP Route) From Borivali at 8:00 AM
  • 2 Service (DOWN Route) From Churchgate at 6:00 PM
  • Service running days : Daily

Only 1 single trains will be running for this 4 total services during peak office hours.

AC Train Fares

Again, this section will be updated with perfect fares once the service starts, But initially a minimum fare Rs.50 (i.e Approximate 10% more of First Class Minimum fare currently Rs.45) is expected as it will be a premium service. If this is the scenario a straight calculation of increase of 10% on every other distance fare is expected. Hope some discounts on Monthly Pass is given, else again the Middle Class daily commuters will not be able to catch this AC trains even if they will to as the hole in the pocket will be widened.

Benefits and Features of New AC Local Trains

For those who are currently travelling in any of such local train, knows what a Free Massage of local train is, Which gets worse during summer with alternate to the oil used its the other persons sweat. What i mean here is that AC will be a big relief in such case.

  1. Style :Another benefit is that the train style is Vestibular, which means all the coaches will be connected from start to end. You can get inside from coach X and drop out from any other Y.
  2. Ladies Coach : No, unlike other NON AC local trains, As this is a Vestibular train, even ladies coach will be part of series. Gents (Men) are expected to not get into ladies section. Proper GREEN & RED strap markings like current local trains will be made to understand the difference. But what is feel is Men will get an excuse to by pass this section due to its Vestibular feature and this can be not comfortable for women (LADIES, YOUR COMMENTS EXPECTED BELOW).
  3. Luggage Compartment : No separate luggage compartments will be available in any of these AC locals.
  4. Coach For Physically Challenged  : Some special care will be taken for physically challenged people, Reserved seats etc are expected along with convenience of getting down and boarding the local trains.
  5. Security : Since this train is one of similar kind like Delhi Metro AC trains, Security related issues will be all same comparatively. Like, till every door closed, train will not start. etc.

Hope you will put up your comments with what more is expected and should be their in this new trains and what measures particularly related to Mumbai should be taken care of before and after starting such beautiful services.

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