Getting The Artificial Rain Process – Cloud Seeding in Mumbai

“Amazing, the news channel and public themselves witness the flooding in Mumbai and BMC is preparing for Artificial Rains. Yet again after the failure of cloud seeding trial process implemented on Modak Sagar and Tansa River, which got failed in 2009, Mumbai BMC has planned another attempt of getting artificial rain by the same cloud seeding process to cope up with the low level of fresh water lakes in Mumbai..”

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Cloud Seeding Visuals

Cloud Seeding Visuals

Cloud Seeding Trail Back in 2009

We wrote about artificial rain process back in 2009 and after years BMC plans the cloud seeding process again. The project failed back then and didn’t got the expected rain results after putting a huge sum in crores. The 2 method by which cloud seeding is done are 1. Manual 2. Artificial seeding the clouds via Aircrafts. I don’t know much about the Manual once, But the Aircraft process uses ‘Silver Iodide Aerosol’, a type of chemical to be poured on clouds which have heavy density and changes of getting thicker water droplets.

Process To Be Carried in 2014

This year too the challenge of not getting enough rain and the low water marks of all those lakes has made BMC take this decision of going for Artificial Rainfall. Keeping past experiences in mind, our Municipal corporation this times wants to make sure that the process gives the expected results, planned in August 2014. Experiment preparation are on and finalizing on bidders to call upon are going on. IMD (Indian Meteorological Department) will have a close eye on what and where’s of this project results.

IMD will have their special High-Tech radars installed in city. These radars are capable of detecting correct group of clouds for Aerosol seeding process. It can give much exact information about the density of cloud, Compositions and how much will be the size of water drops that will fall upon inside targetting area (lakes). Upon directions by IMD radars the Aircrafts will take their moves of seeding / spraying ‘Silver Iodide Aerosol’ which is done from top of those selected clouds, which will ultimately pour artificial rain in city. Complete activity will be monitored and examined to make sure project be a success. Just to add upon a note, Cloud seeding is also done with other Chemicals and things like Dry Ice, Potassium and Sodium chloride as found information around web.

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