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“MSRTC (Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation), a government identity and an active public transportation organization has been given a task to check on vehicles mechanical fitness. What a fit vehicle means that its is road safe and worth a ride in condition which will not harm the driver or other vehicles in anyway on road. Millions of commercial and private vehicles ply on Mumbai roads daily and to cope up this huge numbers and task successfully by issuing a physical fitness certificate, MSRTC is setting up multiple fitness centres for vehicle checking and certification across Maharashtra of which the first one will be operating soon at Nashik. Gradually Mumbai, Pune and other cities around state will have such mechanical and physical test centres, taken care by organizations like ARIA (Automotive Research Association of India) and CIRT (Central Institute of Road Transport) and other such if more. As of now RTO is taking care of allocating fitness certificates, But the process and manpower needed boost to cater such a huge number of public and private vehicles, and so 100% automatic process of mechanical check will be the answer to this challenge. Lets understand the till date information and process details about same and we will update this page as and when got few..”

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Vehicle Pollution and Related Fitness

Vehicle Pollution and Related Fitness

Fitness Checking Centres Locations

At this very early stage of process implementation by MSRTC, The very first fitness test centre will be opened to public at NASHIK city and with other centres coming up in Pune and Mumbai gradually. CIRT is identifying some unused open vacant plots to setup this fitness testing centres across Maharashtra. As of date in Mumbai, RTO does the certificate giving process and soon centres in Mumbai city which will be operated by ARIA or CIRT or similar organization as per decided by MSRTC will be seen.

As of date no details on exact locations of such centres have been declared, But if the convenience and other part been seen some places around or inside Andheri RTO, Tardeo RTO and others can be ideal. It is said that about 13 such locations have been identified for operations.

Rules, Process and Requirements

As per provision at current Motor Vehicle Act 1988, under section number 56, It is mandatory for all types of vehicles (Commercial & Private) to get a vehicle physical fitness certificate. With the upcoming centres which will have all automatic process of checking and inspecting the mechanical of a vehicle and will be no manual intervention be done till the end of process which declares it fit and safe for road to be issues a certificate or not. All the commercial listed vehicles like Auto, taxi used for public transport and heavy vehicles like Buses (School buses and other commercial), Tempos and transport vehicles like trucks etc has to renew and get the certificate ANNUALLY. When it comes to private car owners, 15 YEARS for a new four wheeler (Non commercial), with certificate renewal and test check process every next 5 years

More to know ..

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