Aerial View Queens Necklace Chowpatty From Hanging Garden – Mumbai

Aerial view point / gallery for south Mumbai pride Chowpatty and Complete stretch of Queens necklace (See Video Below) has been planned by BMC. A project to build new 2 storey premise replacing the unused old control room just adjacent and around Hanging garden location at Malabar Hill has been selected to attract tourist, photographers and Mumbai citizens to enjoy the open aerial view of south Mumbai. Little details about the new view point below..

Chowpatty to Nariman Point View

Chowpatty to Nariman Point View

Aerial View Gallery From Malabar Hanging Garden Of Chowpatty Queens Necklace

Malabar hill, Not actually a hill station but a hilly mountain residential location of elites in city with nearest railway station being Charni road is a beautiful sea side area with already has many places to see and heritage structures on list of tourist attractions in around areas of Walkeshwar like Sacred Banganga tank, Babulnath temple, Hanging Garden, Kamla Nehru Park, Jain Temple, Taraporewala aquarium and the very beloved Chowpatty beach to list the mains.

Hanging garden being famous for its greenery, flora faunas, boot house is already a aerial view point of chowpatty beach and queens necklace. But that requires a Binocular or a good camera to capture the scenic as little will one enjoy the view by eyes. Although in a limited space with already long beautiful gulmohar trees with flowers blocking little available view of queens necklace starting at nariman point till Girgaum chowpatty beach. Currently that view point of kamla nehru garden it is not a declared aerial view point with binoculars placed for tourists to enjoy the beautiful view of skylines and historic structure behind the free flowing Arabian sea. To attract more tourist and as a great idea to used the limited place of old structure, municipal corporation of Mumbai has come up with a plan that sure brings smiles and wow factor by the citizens as of day news spread in newspapers.

A little old structure building located at Malabar hills which is owned by BMC and was given out operating a restaurant which is closed now, is not operational. Same premise has a non-functional control room for water works. The idea is to renovate and get a new control room and also use the open space above same as tourist attraction point of south Mumbai by converting it to a gallery, a aerial view point dedicated as a public attraction point to enjoy the vast open sea, the beach and the stretch between chowpatty and nariman point sea side which is famously known as queens necklace due the glittering street lights upon dark. Once developed, this attraction point at malabar hill will have a dedicated gazing point gallery with couple of binoculars fixed to enjoy the scenic view along with the fresh breeze around. According to the news, the planned area will have capacity of 50 people to stand at a time. My experience as a Mumbaikar for almost 3 and half decades now says it will sure attract more crowd as currently their is no such gallery around.

So what is the aerial South Mumbai view all about and what all things can be seen once the gallery is ready for tourist and locals ? Here the list goes, First and the best is wide and famous chowpatty beach then comes the skylines and sea side buildings around of Girgaum location, also the wide flowing Arabian sea, the beautifully built Saifee Hospital with few small domes on top which glitters with queens necklace shows off in late evening, The halogen spot lights of the famous wankhede stadium can also be seen from such far distance, VSNL building, those historic buildings surrounding necklace view that we already enjoyed in many Bollywood movies of 80’s and few now too which are historic and declared as Heritage structures is said to be soon completing 100 years, the king size BSE stock exchange building stands right behind those structure, move little right and another heritage structure, the very beautiful Rajabai clock tower still stands with pride showing time via huge clock placed on top, move your viewing gadget little right and here is the famous and one of the very old ambassador hotel, Yes that round shaped structure with glass around, next you can zoom in your binoculars or your camera available and see the Air India buildings and the Trident hotel just adjacent to it, and famous NCPA building is very close to it too all at nariman point area. Oh, did you miss the Mantralaya building ? Have a close look around Air India building again.

Details about entry fees / charges, rules and restrictions are yet to be known and i will surely update this page as soon the good news. So stay tunes with me on Google+ and enjoy other locations of Mumbai via this virtual blog and articles detailing my personal experiences and knowledge about the city that never sleeps.

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