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“When it comes to getting fresh and have fun in Mumbai, Best recreation activities and options in Mumbai available are Beaches, Movies, Theatres, Amusement Water Parks, List of Gardens and Park for recreation for children, Night life with Discos and Pubs for adults and lots more. This are the best options for Leisure and Entertainment in Bombay as many knows..”

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Discos in Mumbai

Discos in Mumbai

  • Beaches for Fun Mumbai Beaches (One of the favorite Entertainment and a good option to enjoy the silent sea.)
  • Water parks for Recreation (Best of Summer Recreation options for childrens and youngsters with Good water rides and Biggest wave pool, Essel World and Water Kingdom with gaint rides)

  • Theaters for Entertainment Movie Theaters for Recreation(For Movie and Drama lovers Nothing Better than this)
  • Discos for Fun & Recreation Discos in Mumbai (For Dance lovers this is one of the Hottest places of Mumbai)
  • Pubs and Nightlife Pubs and Nightlife For Recreation(If you are a Night lover, sure this will attract you for your leisure)
  • Clubs Options in Mumbai Lots of private clubs are available location wise and now inside residential complexes too, Check your location and area for Recreation Clubs (Clubs are also selected as a part of recreations for few, here is the list)
  • Gymkhanas Options In last decade, thousands of more Gymkhanas has opened in every other station, area location in South Mumbai and suburbs as Recreation Gyms (Exercise, Relax and recreate yourself with enthusiasm.)
  • Gardens Options Outdoor Recreation Options
    (Nature is the Best place for Outdoor Leisure to recreate yourself.)
  • Picnic Spots One Day Picnic Spots (Hangout to few Nice Picnic Spots around Mumbai for Fun and Enjoyment)
  • Other Entertainment Options Recreation via Movies and Other Entertainment optins in Mumbai
    (For sure Entertainment and little leisure is one of the best way of rejuvenating and recreating oneself, and Mumbai has lots of options for same ).

  • Places to seeLots of Attraction Places : Many attractions and things to do, places to see once inside city. This places will sure brings entertainment and fun. Like Taraporewala fish aquarium and more..
  • Adventure Fun and EntertainmentList of Adventures to Recreate the Energy inside you with fun and excitement part included, Some extreme sports and water rides is what can make your time sweet in Mumbai.
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