Chimaji Appa Cricket Ground For Kala Krida Event – Vasai

“Famous and biggest cricket ground in Vasai, Also known for yearly events like ‘Vasai Kala Krida Mahotsav’, Chimaji Appa Ground is one of the fewest big playgrounds in Vasai Virar area. Great place to play and view regular cricket matches or any sports events, This ground is maintained properly and celebrated silver jubilee on 23rd November 2014.”

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Chimaji Appa Ground

Chimaji Appa Ground Vasai

About Chimaji Appa Ground Vasai

Vasai (Also called ‘Bassein’) has a village location called Navghar depot area at 5.5 Kilometres from Railway Station in West. Exactly near the Bus Depot is this famous cricket ground of Vasai which is not just limited to playing cricket as a regular seen sport, But Chimaji ground also observes various events like Body building competition, Long jump, Kho kho, Kabbadi, Table Tennis, Volley ball, Boxing, Rangoli Competition, Sugam Sangit, Oratory, Mehndi, Drama, Painting and more which is part of famous yearly event and attraction of vasai virar called ‘Vasai Kala Krida Mahotsav’ usually happens during winters of December.

This event is also famously known as ‘Vasai Festival’ and participants comes from all around and far locations of vasai virar villages and also from adjacent railway stations like Nalasopara, Naigaon and Bhayander too (Palghar District). Every year Chimaji Appa ground is jam full during this event days which last for a week most. When i recall this ground memories, the one sport after cricket that moves many eyes towards it was the Body Building Championship competition named ‘Vasai Shree’, Which is again a part of yearly event ‘Vasai Kala Krida’ on this ground. Ground also have a 850 metre long running track. Monsoon is the only season and rest time which observes big green grass grown, Else cricket is fun to play and observe here (See Video Above).

Famous land marks around Chimaji appa ground are St Gonsalo Garcia College, New English School & Junior College and Vasai Fort. Vasai virar has about 56 green villages and is a must to be seen as a monsoon attraction. To understand how green is vasai virar village area, below are few videos.

Ground Location Address

Chimaji Appa Ground, Opposite Bus Depot, Navghar, Vasai West, Land mark : New English School / College, Vasai 401202

Reaching Chimaji Appa Play Ground

VVMT Buses towards vasai court and fort stops here, Private and Share Auto’s charge around Rs.25 per head and Regular MSRTC Buses goes to the depot exactly opposite this play ground. So reaching here is not a problem at all. Just remember the land marks as Navghar Bus Depot, New English College or St Gonsalo Garcia College.

Kindly note, No metre system for Auto’s here.


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