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“Matheran is Mumbai’s nearest Eco-Tourism and a coolant hill station for leisure time. It is the only nearest mountain station effective to beat summer heat and a beautiful green zone picnic spot for a day or over night stay with many attractions. Now in world heritage list and the most preferred pre-monsoon, monsoon and summer destination, Matheran is Asia’s only Eco friendly, pollution free destination with multiple option to relax, enjoy serenity and rejuvenate oneself enjoying variety of sightseeing options and adventures around. Vehicles are not allowed beyond ‘Dasturi naka’, A location from where this hill station starts. Lets explore this location in details and know its best attractions, Climate, Toy Trains, Monkeys, Horse Rides, Stroll locations, Hotels and Resorts options and more..”

Fog at Matheran

Fog at Matheran

Climate Tourism Basics and Facts

  • Hill Station Area : 214.73 Square Kilometre
  • Total People Residing on Hill : 4388 People Resides.
  • Altitude : 800 meters.
  • Discovered and ventured : Since, 1850.
  • Best time to visit : Monsoon, Pre-Monsoon (Winter).
  • Temperature : Pleasant during monsoon and winter (15 to 20 Degree) and Little humid in summer (Up to 30 Degrees).
  • Known for : Tourist Destination and Picnic spot for summer and monsoon (Hill Station), Eco friendly climate, Toy trains.
  • Total Hotel Rooms : More than 1000 Hotel Rooms are available during tourist season.
  • Total Tourist Visitors : More then 6 Lakhs Visitors Yearly
  • Nearest Station in Mumbai : Neral (Matheran is 21 kms from Neral).
  • Distance from Mumbai : 80 to 90 Kilometres, See Mumbai Matheran Road Distance for more details.
  • Adventures : Horse Riding, Mountain Zip Line

Enjoying Zip Line Adventure

This Adventure is closed.The new zip line adventure sport started in May 2012, which is a peak summer season at Matheran. More details at Mountain Zip Line at Matheran. Zip Line Adventure is No More available.

Horse Riding at Matheran

Manoj Horse Riding Matheran (9420056136)

Manoj Horse Riding Matheran (9420056136)

We did some horse riding during 31st May 2012 and it was fun, A trial casual walk seating on horse or a fast run at Olympia race course made specially for horse riding, is what makes the chill out days exciting. We got in touch with couple of horse riders for knowledge and best bargain deals.

Although one point to be noted that Horse riding is always risky if you are a newbie, We found many cases of people falling down of horses, and major time are people with extra weight, physically not fit to ride those horses.

Zig Zag Hills Road Drive Video

How to reach Hills Of Matheran

Via private vehicle, you must go towards karjat route (See Matheran Road Map on distance link above) and reach Neral, Your vehicle is allowed till Dasturi Naka, so park and start walking towards hill station (Half Hour to 45 minutes walk) Or Wait for Toy train that starts exactly from Neral station. If you have parked your vehicle at Dasturi naka, you can catch toy train from there, Or also get a horse ride which cost about RS. 150/- till Matheran toy train station.

Via Local trains, take your preferred route (See Mumbai Local train Timetable) and get down at Matheran, Take a toy train directly to Matheran or hire a car till dasturi naka (Rs.50/- to Rs.60/- per person) from Neral station. One you reach Dasturi, then as detailed above take your preferred option.

Toy Train To Reach On Top

If you are a first timer in Matheran, You must take this toy train ride at least once. This train runs on mini rail tracks and goes slow round and round climbing hills to reach the top. Starts at Neral station, It takes about an hour or more but the view and the feel of riding at such a slow speed is a thing to do in itself when at hill of matheran jungle. If you want to enjoy deep valleys from edge of tracks, you must take a ride during your sightseeing or when back from hills.

See Also Mahabaleshwar Hill Station Attractions.



Attractions and Sightseeing Points

Alexander Point : For scenic and photo clicks, this is one of the best points covered in tourist spots listed, you can take a horse ride. Deep forest and other tourist spots can be seen from here.

Charlotte Lake : This lake side point attracts major picnic groups as it has Echo and Louisa point. Charlotte is a peaceful and silent lake to enjoy birds. You need to walk through a dense forest for about 25 minutes from market location. This lake is also a source of drinking water for local residents.

Hart Point : A ghat (valley) view showing greenery. It is said that the night view from hart point shows the lighted Mumbai city.

Louisa Point : If you are photo lover and want some nice clicks, Louisa is the point to click waterfalls, group of birds, valley and some other points that can be seen from here.

Other Attractions

Shivaji Ladder, Cecil Point (Waterfall for monsoon), Panorama Point, Chowk Point, Rambagh point, Madhavji Garden, One tree hill point, Porcupine point and prabal fort.

Things to Do On This Hill Station

Since no vehicles are allowed, you can venture the mountains with options like horse ride, hand carts, or just walk around the mountains. I bet you will enjoy the stroll with sightseeing all around, enjoy golas (Flavored ice candy), Chikki (Speciality of Matheran). Be aware of Monkeys, they are fearless fast and can dare grabbing you belongings in search of food, Particularly the plastic bags which they usually see people carrying food items and water. A simple walk along beautiful cottages and resorts and the woods near can make your day. These are beautiful cottage resorts, small village homes, muddy roads.

Few of the most important reasons behind selecting this hills as picnic spot and attractions is that it is the most nearest hill station from Mumbai, One can reach via train and any private vehicle and can be back within a day, making it a real nice day to be with nature. Secondly, people in this polluted city needs break from all air and noise pollution, Location being Eco friendly with ZERO vehicle is the best to be.

Hotels and Resorts

Recommended For You.

There are both budget and expensive hotels that charges about 1500 to 2000 Rupess (Per person) upto 3000 (per person) and more in peak season (Winter).

A Resort in Matheran

A Resort in Matheran

To add on to the list of things to not miss if you are around May, Annual Green festival is organized which educates and brings up the value of going green via the awareness program. From growing green vegetables to building eco-friendly homes and lots more, ‘The New Bombay Design’ organization and Matheran Pratishthan organizes this 5 days around festive event took place this year 2015 and hope to reach another milestone every coming year.

Vehicle Parking Options

In December 2012, meeting was held by Matheran Authorities and MTDC (Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation) to save the eco-friendly hill station and they have come up with a de-congestion plan. If got through, no private/public vehicle will be allowed to be parked at Dasturi naka and parking are likely to be shifted 100% at Neral station location.

Only new Eco-Friendly buses will be allowed to go till top and only those who have booked hotel rooms will be allowed till Dasturi. The move is to save the heritage hill from de-congestion and pollution as much possible. Lets see how things get implemented at their best.

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