Alibaug Picnic Attractions – Mumbai’s Nearest Picnic Spot

“Alibaug near Mumbai, A place quite famous for its one day picnic and also preferred overnight picnic spot with attractions like beaches, temples, greenery, nature, and a dialogue quite famous between Mumbai People – ‘Alibaug Se Aya Hai Kya’..”

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Alibaug Beach for Picnic

Alibaug Near Mumbai

Beaches For Day Picnic
  • Alibag beach (The nearest and famous beach)
  • Korlai beach
  • THAL beach
  • Kashid beach
  • Varsoli beach
  • Mandawa beach (Basically Jetty for daily tourist coming from “Gateway Of India”)
  • Akshi beach
  • Kihim-Navgaon beach
  • Nagaon beach
Other Nearest Attractions

Now, Alibaug is a well developed place which is very famous for one day picnic in Mumbai with wide rage of beaches. Temples like birla temple and Kaneshwar in Alibaug is one of the famous places of attractions and on Sightseeing list of Mumbai tourism. One can find Beautiful private bungalows, hotels and private resorts as accommodation options if planning for few night stay. Some famous attractions listed below with distance.

  • Alibag Fort
  • Alibaug-Awas (About 16 kilometers)
  • Alibaug-Saswane (About 18 Kms)
  • Nahaon (About 7 kilometers)
  • Alibaug-Chaul Revdanda (About 15 kms)
  • Alibaug-Rewas (About 24 kilometers)
  • Kaneshwar Mandir
Specialty and Details

Ali Baug which is very famous in Mumbai for a Dialogue between Mumbaikers “Alibaug Se Anya hai Kya” or “Albaug ka Samjha hai Kya” which shows that in old times when people in Mumbai finds someone unknown about some facts in Mumbai, they usually say this lines in friendly way, which actually shows in that some times back AliBaug was now so developed and was at out stretch of city (Kind of unknown place for locals) in Bombay. Well that was just one of the small funny line and incidents of Mumbai.

Bollywood now a days is very attracted towards this place for its shooting and also in “My Best Place List” of few super stars. Why not ? One can reach this beautiful places full of Greenery and Peace via there private vehicles or via any alternate Public vehicles like Bus (transportation medium via Mumbai Goa Roadways) or alternately, private boats that goes from ‘Gateway of India’ directly to Alibaug and from there you can freely move around to see this beautiful place.

Distance From Mumbai and Time taken

Road Distance, Alibaug from Mumbai is about 97.7 Kms (Via National Highway 17) and 127 Kms (Via Mumbai Pune Express Way). Approximate time taken to reach is 2 hours and 15 minutes. More details on driving road map, see Alibaug Mumbai Distance page.

How to Reach from Mumbai

By Road : One can reach Alibaug via the two routes mentions in distance via Mumbai

By Railway : Nearest station to Alibaug is PEN near khopoli in central route of railways.

By Ferry Boat : From Gateway of India (South Mumbai) regular ferry boats goes to Mandwa jetty (beach) for regular tourist. This ferry ride takes about 50 minutes to reach Mandwa. From mandwa you can take regular bus service to Alibaug (time taken 45 minutes). Alternately you can take private auto rickshaws too.

By Air : Nearest airport for alibaug is Mumbai airport. You can contact tours and travel services or as mentioned take any above options.

Best time to Visit

For a place like Alibaug, which is full of nature, beaches all season is good, Still to beat the heat one prefers summer vacation, and some in winter. In rainy seasons (Monsoon), this place is a peaceful tourist destination to enjoy greenery and nature in village environment far away from city pollution.

Accommodation Options

There are wide range of options to stay for your overnight picnic or a day in weekend. Private bungalows are the preferred option for affordable accommodation for picnic group that has more then 5 members. If you looking for low cost then hotels and resorts are also available.

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