Raigad Ropeway Tourist Attraction Near Mumbai

“Quite near to Mumbai, Raigad ropeway is founded by (Late, Shri V M Jog) and is located in Mahad (Raigad, Maharashtra, India) and since 1996 of its construction it has become a well known one day picnic spot and one of the major tourist attractions in Maharashtra tourism list. Lets explore some major attractions of ropeway”

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Raigad Ropeway

Raigad Ropeway at Raigad Fort

Ropeway Facts and Details

Length of ropeway : 760 meters.
Vertical Height : 420 meters.
Ropeway cabin weight : 100 Kg.
Safety : Quite safe, Alternate ropeway in place in case of technical problems. Backup options for electricity failure are ready like generator, diesel engine and also manual operators for emergency issues on ropeway, for public safety.
Operators : A private company called ‘Millennium Properties Pvt Ltd’ operates this ropeway since 2004.
Cost per person : Ropeway charges are very minimal, Just Rs.170 (INR), is a cost including other tour in the package, See other tourist attractions below.


One Day Picnic

Being one of the only ropeway at a vertical height of 420 meters from ground, Raigad ropeway is a safe and mini adventure and an unique opportunity to land on Raigad fort. This can be said as an only ropeway ideal for one day picnic within Maharashtra and quite near to Mumbai. The ropeway adventure starts from ground at base location called ‘Lower Station’, board yourself in the trolley and get ready to land on top of Raigad fort at location called ‘Mena Darwaja’ which is also called ‘Queens Entrance’, Only allowed to queens, which they used to goto Queeens chamber called ‘Rani vasa’.

Tourist Attractions

This historic place is quite cost effective for the number of places to see included in package. Individual tourist package cost is just Rs.170 (About 4 Dollars) which includes sightseeing and other attractions like Raigad Museum visit, one time ropeway charges and a unique history visual of Raigad fort (A video), and visiting the fort and getting complete details with a guide. Worth the cost and a day of picnic for any one.

Museum : The lifestyle of Marathas under the rule of Raja Shivaji can be seen on every artifacts inside the museum. Their are old weapons, photographs and other art work to be seen.

Film Show : The Raigad ropeway package includes this historic film show detailing about Raigad fort, This 22 minutes audio visual makes us understand and think on how and why was this fort made. Once done you will be guided towards ‘Lower Station’ to ride the ropeway.

Ropeway Ride : As detailed above is the final adventure to Raigad fort with a fascinating trolley ride taking you in clouds with breeze and scenic mountains around.

How to Reach From Mumbai

Via Road : Mumbai to Raigad distance is about 100 to 120 kilometers via pune express and national highway 17, taking about 1 hour and 52 minutes in car / jeep or any other tourist vehicle or bus.

Via Railway : Get a local train of Dadar to Panvel and get down at Vir-Dasgaon Station, From their take road ride (rental vehicle auto/taxi) or private cab to Mahad (Raigad).

Via Sea : Ride a ferry boat from gateway of India to Alibaug which takes about 45 minutes, From their take road way to Mahad.

Via Air : No Airway possible, nearest airport being Mumbai and Pune airport, Then get the above suitable options to reach raigad ropeway.

Ropeway Address and Contact Number

Millennium Properties Pvt Limited
Raigad Ropeway Project
P O Pachad, Raigad District,
Pincode 402305. Maharashtra, India.
Contact 1 : +91-02145-274831 / 70
Contact 2 : +91-02145-202122
(Note : ISD is 91 and Raigad STD code is 02145)

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